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How Aidan’s Undies and Carrie’s Dress Pay Homage to Their Original ‘Sex and the City’ Romance

How Aidan's Undies and Carrie's Dress Pay Homage to Their Original 'Sex and the City' Romance
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More than 22 years later, Aidan and Carrie are still looking good — they even wore their Sex and the City outfits to remind Us.

In Max’s And Just Like That season 2, episode 9, Aidan (John Corbett) is chilling at their AirBnB in his tighty-whities while Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) wears a gauzy, transparent dress that shows off her black underwear. They receive a notice that they’re being evicted for staying longer than the building’s 30-day policy, prompting Carrie to consider a big move to make room for Aidan in her life.

The costume choice mirrors their looks in Sex and the City season 4, episode 14, in which Carrie comes home to find Aidan in his undies (ever the consistent man, Aidan still wears white briefs), and she’s wearing a transparent dress with hot pink underwear underneath.

The official And Just Like That Twitter account responded to a tweet pointing out the homage on Saturday, August 12, writing, “It’s all in the ✨details✨.”

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While the outfits are the same, the Carrie’s headspace is distinctly different. In the 2001 episode, the columnist worries if she’ll be able to settle down into a quiet life with Aidan while the 2023 Carrie is in a rush to find a new apartment with room for Aidan and his three sons after his refusal to set foot in her old place.

How Aidan's Undies and Carrie's Dress Pay Homage to Their Original 'Sex and the City' Romance

Aidan was shocked to discover that Carrie moved back into the apartment where they used to live — and he even owned for a period of time — two decades prior. As he tried to renovate the space, the crumbling walls suddenly reflected their relationship falling apart, and when he brought Carrie home in And Just Like That, he refused to return to the place where their romance hit its lowest point.

“At the restaurant I just thought, ‘How great, this feels really great. We’re back where we started.’ But this is where we ended. With the f–king wall I couldn’t break through and those floors … remember the floors I redid? That’s all bad. It’s just— it’s all in there,” he tells Carrie.

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“I guess time doesn’t heal everything,” she says.

Instead of walking away from Carrie, Aidan suggests they get a hotel room. They’ve been going strong ever since, even leading Carrie to ponder if she made a big mistake by choosing the late Big (Chris Noth) over Aidan the first time around.

Showrunner Michael Patrick King has hinted that Aidan is back for the long-haul. “I didn’t bring Aidan back to fail,” King teased in a June interview with The New York Times.

New episodes of And Just Like That drop Thursdays on Max.

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