How Candace Cameron Bure Got Her Skin Looking Better in Her 40s Than 20s

How Candace Cameron Bure Keeps Her Skin 'Looking Better in Her 40s
Candace Cameron Bure. Courtesy of QVC

Taking note! Candace Cameron Bure spilled her winter skincare tips for a youthful, glowing complexion.

“I honestly never thought that my skin would be better in my 40s than it was in my 20s or 30s,” she said during a roundtable discussion with her go-to skincare pro, Dr. Lancer, to promote their upcoming QVC special. “But the truth is it is. I get more compliments now that I look younger than in my 30s.”

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So how exactly did she do it? With the help of Dr. Lancer and his Lancer method.

“With a strict program and proper skin maintenance, the clock can go backwards,” Dr. Lancer said. “You can teach skin to repair itself.”

The Full House alum explained that she spent nearly a decade in Florida enjoying the sun. But unfortunately, as much as she loved feeling the rays on her face, it left her with some sun spots. “It did a lot of damage to my skin, especially with dark spots and uneven tone.” When she went back to work to film a T.V. show, she just had to get it check out. That’s when Dr. Lancer came in and saved the day.

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“Everyone told me hands down go see Dr. Lancer,” she said. After visiting him in the office, he put her on his Lancer Skincare Method and she “never looked back.”

When it comes to keeping her skin happy in the cold-weather months, she really depends on a moisturizing boost. “I tend to have dry sensitive skin, so keeping it hydrated without making it oily used to be problematic,” she said. “I double-up on the Omega Hydrating Oil along with the Nourish and this ensures hydration along with moisturization, but it never feels greasy.”

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She also loves a super nourishing moisturizer that can work overnight to deliver plump, smooth and even skin. “Lancer Intensive Night Cream allows my dry skin to replenish overnight especially when I’m filming in Canada because of the dry cold weather.”

Now she’s getting all kinds of praise over how incredible her complexion is. “When I’m on set, the first thing makeup artists notice is the texture of my skin.”

To get more tip, tricks and information on how Bure achieves a glowing complexion daily, check out her and Dr. Lancers QVC appearance on Saturday, January 30, starting at 7 am EST.

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