Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Reception Hairstylist Reveals Exactly How to Get Her Perfect Signature Undone Bun

Meghan Markle's Secrets For a Perfect Low-Bun
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wears her hair in a low bun while out in Cape Town, South Africa on September 25, 2019. Tim Rooke/Shutterstock

Here’s some news that will brighten the day of beauty lovers everywhere: celebrity hairstylist George Northwood — the man responsible for Meghan Markle’s wedding reception hairstyle, among others — just revealed exactly how to get the brunette beauty’s signature bun in an interview with British Vogue.

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Northwood — like Markle — is a big fan of the royal-approved hairstyle, especially when you’re in a pinch. “The bun, in all of its forms, is a brilliant mid-week look when you are a bit time-poor but want to look ‘put together,’” he said in the interview.

But if you’re going to try your hand at a Markle-inspired bun, it’s important to take note of some important tips from Northwood. First, consider parting your hair off to the side if you’re turned off by the center-part Markle pulls off so effortlessly. “If you are lucky to have a perfectly symmetrical face, you can position your parting where you prefer,” said the expert. “But I always suggest a side parting as the ‘perfect’ choice for everyone as it gives a soft and alluring finish with a side-swept longer fringe at the front.”

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Next, get ready to backcomb (a.k.a. tease) to give your bun some volume towards the back of your head (this Tangle Teezer Back-Combing Brush will help get the job done). To perfect the look, the stylist does a good job at explaining the process:  “Lift a good section of hair towards the crown of the head, holding it straight up with one hand and with the other, use a comb with a narrow gauge to comb the underside of this section of hair.” He concluded, “After repeating a few times, you’ll notice a natural lift at the back of the head.”

Meghan Markle's Secrets For a Perfect Low-Bun
A side-view of Duchess Meghan’s low bun. Shutterstock

And finally, creating the actual bun is easier than you thought. All you have to do is secure your hair like you would for a ponytail at the base of your neck and then twist it around until it “naturally forms a bun.” To achieve a sophisticated look like Markle, Northwood recommends tucking any short pieces behind your ear. But for a more casual finish, you can make the hairstyle appear less serious by pulling gently at the top of your hair — this will loosen it up and give it a softer look.

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As for the celebrity stylist’s “top tip,” he noted, “Day-old hair can sometimes give a better bun finish. Hair is easier to handle and with a good texturizing spray added you can achieve a really fabulous finish.”

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