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Jenny Mollen Thinks Botox Is Better Than Therapy: ‘It Does Wonders for Your Psyche’ (Exclusive)

Jenny Mollen x Allergan Collaboration
Jenny Mollen. Courtesy of Allergan

Just like pizza, ice cream and lipstick, Botox now has its very own day. And that day is here! Yes, November 20 will heretofore be known as Botox Cosmetic Day, and Jenny Mollen is here for it. The actress and funny gal sat down with Stylish to chat about why she’s partnering with the brand to celebrate a day when patients can explore options with the first neurotoxin that’s FDA-approved to temporarily treat forehead lines, crow’s feet and glabellar lines (aka those dreaded “elevens”).

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“If you can smooth out a few lines, I think it does wonders for your psyche,” Mollen tells Us. “It’s important to empower women in any way possible. And I think that this is something that actually makes you feel good about yourself.” Indeed, the 40-year-old mom of two (Sid, 5, and Lazlo, 2, with husband Jason Biggs) admits that “in this day and age, especially when you have kids and you’re running around, you’re tired,” and there’s no shame in investing time and money in yourself to look and feel your best, including indulging in non-invasive cosmetic procedures. 

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Jenny Mollen x Allergan Collaboration
Courtesy of Allergan

Mollen is no stranger to a little anti-aging intervention. At around age 29, when the star was living in LA and “still doing a bit of acting,” she noticed her first fine lines. “I’m like, ‘Oh, I hate that. I wish I could use something to magic erase that away.’ and it turns out you can!” It didn’t hurt that Mollen’s parents were both in the medical profession. “Dad’s a doc, my mom’s a nurse, and they both did botox, so there was no stigma,” she says. But back then, Botox use was much more in the closet. “Even in L.A., my girlfriends were dabbling, but it wasn’t as it is today, at all. It was still sort of uncharted territory.” 

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Today, it’s a much different story. Perhaps because anti-aging treatments are more available than ever or maybe we can blame tech neck and social media for magnifying aesthetic anxieties, but in 2018, 7.5 million Americans got botulinum toxin injections, proving that hitting the needle has gone mainstream. Enter Botox Cosmetic Day. Interestingly, November 20 just happens to be the busiest day on record for booking Botox treatments in the U.S. (according to a press release from the brand). Chalk it up to prepping for holiday parties and visits with relatives and old friends. 

Jenny Mollen x Allergan Collaboration
Courtesy of Allergan

So what happens on National Botox Cosmetic Day? Log on to to see Mollen (as well as other influencers and healthcare providers) share their anti-aging aha moment — the time they knew it was “Bo-Time” for them to get a dose at their doctor’s. The brand is also offering a BOGO incentive to help get friends hooked. For one day and one day only on November 20, purchase a $100 gift card and receive a $100 gift card for yourself. Click here to learn more and get your bogo!

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Take it from Jenny Mollen, sharing is caring. “I like to bring my girlfriends, my mom, I like to bring them all to Pat’s office,” she says of her cosmetic dermatologist, the legendary Pat Wexler. “Then my doorman came. Then we started having fun!” 

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