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Adam Brody

Full Name: Adam Brody
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Relationship Status: Married to Leighton Meester
Birthday: December 15, 1979

Born in San Diego, Calif., on December 15, 1979, Adam Brody is one of Hollywood’s hottest young talents.

After landing a role in the NBC made-for-TV movie Growing Up Brady in 2000, he became a staple in the American teen television scene. Best known for his role as Seth Cohen — a dorky California hipster — on the now-defunct Fox television series The O.C., Brody has made his way onto the silver screen, starring in several hit films including Mr & Mrs. Smith, In the Land of Women, Scream 4, and Think Like A Man Too.

Real life imitated art for Brody when he dated costar and O.C. love interest Rachel Bilson for over two years, but the couple split in November 2006. In 2013 Brody became engaged to Leighton Meester and the two married in February 2014.