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Inside Alix Earle’s Blended Family of 8: Younger Sister, Half-Siblings, Stepmom and More

Alix Earles Blended Family of 8
Courtesy of Alix Earle/TikTok

Alix Earle has a large family – and Us is taking a deep dive into it.

Earle went viral in December 2022 for her “Get Ready With Me” TikToks and has since become an A-list influencer, gaining millions of followers, starring on magazine covers, attending celebrity events and more.

In a September 2023 podcast episode of “Call Her Daddy,” Earle opened up about her childhood for the first time, including a public affair between her dad, Thomas “TJ” Earle, and a former call-girl Ashley Dupré.

“My dad had an affair with someone who was well-known for her job having sexual relations with high-class people and one of them was even the governor of New York,” she told host Alex Cooper, speaking on her now stepmom, Dupré. “She was very well known from that and in turn, my dad’s affair became a very public situation.”

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She recalled the day in elementary school when her father’s affair made headlines: “I remember the day very clearly. Paparazzi had shown up at my house and my mom quickly got me and my sister out of the house [and] over to my cousins … I didn’t know they were paparazzi.”

After she learned about the affair, she “felt like my world crashed down in that moment.”

Keep scrolling to learn more about Alix’s half-siblings, her stepmom and her parents.

Alix Earles Blended Family of 8
Courtesy of Ashley Earle/Instagram

Alisa Earle, Alix’s Mother

Alisa was previously married to TJ. In December 2000, they welcomed Alix and the family grew with daughter Ashtin in April 2003. In 2008, news broke that TJ was cheating on Alisa and the pair divorced sometime while Alix was in 3rd grade.

Alisa has been seen in multiple of Alix’s TikToks, including dancing videos, mother-daughter sleepovers, vacations and nights out.

In the “Call Her Daddy” episode, Alisa gushed over her eldest daughter, “I believe Alix got her craziness, kindness and her energy for having fun form me … and all the other good stuff from her dad.”

TJ Earle, Alix’s Father

TJ is the Vice President of two New Jersey companies in the construction and soil recycling industries.

After his divorce from Alisa, he married Ashey in 2013. Since then, the couple have welcomed three children together: Izabel, Penelope and Thomas.

Alix Earles Blended Family of 8
Courtesy of Alix Earle/TikTok

Ashley Earle Alix’s Stepmom

After marrying TJ, Ashley put her call-girl life in her past to raise Izabel, Penelope and Thomas.

Alix reflected on how Ashley’s affair with her dad affected her during the “Call Her Daddy” episode. “When my stepmom started to hang around with my dad after he had moved out, we were introduced to her — which was super weird. I was told that I had to be respectful to this woman and we had to be nice to her and I wanted to rip her head off.,” Alix said. “It was very weird because I felt like I was a 10-year-old having to be more mature than someone [who was] 20, 30 years older than me.”

She’s in a better place with her stepmom now. “[We’re] super close, and we’ve gotten to such a good point. Whatever’s happened in the past, we’ve all gotten past it as a family,” Alix told Elle in August 2023.

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She added, “One time, I was overwhelmed about something of mine and I called my dad. He was like, ‘You should really talk to Ashley about this. She has dealt with this before, stuff in the media.’ It’s brought us closer because she’s able to guide me through it.”

Ashley first gained notability in 2008 during Eliot Spitzer’s prostitution scandal, which led to him resign as the governor of New York.

Alix Earles Blended Family of 8
Courtesy of Ashtin Earle/Instagram

Ashtin Earle, Alix’s Sister

Ashtin is the daughter of Alisa and TJ. She is currently studying at Tulane University in New Orleans. Ashtin has also gained a large following after appearing in multiple of her sister’s social media posts. She presently has nearly 300,000 followers on TikTok.

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Izabel Earle, Alix’s Half-Sister

Izabel is the eldest daughter of TJ and Ashely. She has appeared in a number of Alix’s TikToks. She helps her sister pick out outfits, watches her do her makeup and shows her personality through sassy remarks.

“You guys might see the ‘Get Ready With Me’s,’ but I see behind the scenes,” she said in the “Call Her Daddy” episode while flipping her hair. “And it’s a hot mess!”

Alix Earles Blended Family of 8
Courtesy of Alix Earle/TikTok

Penelope Earle, Alix’s Half-Sister

Penelope is the middle child of TJ and Ashley. She occasionally does her makeup alongside Alix in TikTok videos. In a May 2023 social media video, she shared that she enjoys horse-back riding and wants to move to Miami with Alix. Alix gushed at the time, “In terms of personalities, I think I’m probably closest to Penelope.”

Thomas Earle, Alix’s Half-Brother

Thomas is the youngest child of TJ and Ashley. In the “Call Her Daddy” episode, he praised Alix for always playing games with him. “I really love her a lot and I appreciate that she plays dinosaurs with me,” he said.

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