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‘Bachelor’ Villain Corinne Olympios Becomes Enemy No. 1; Nick Viall Runs Into an Ex: Best Twitter Reactions!

After watching the Monday, January 23, episode of The Bachelor, we know three things to be true: Michael Jordan took naps, Abraham Lincoln took naps and Corinne Olympios gets Bachelor Nation really fired up on Twitter.

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Episode four picked up back at the pool party, where the women weren’t exactly jumping for joy over Olympios’ sexy stunts in the bouncy house. While Vanessa Grimaldi, 29, made her case against Olympios to Nick Viall (“I give a s–t enough to give you back the rose,” she threatened), others went straight to Olympios.

“We think it’s you being entitled,” Sarah Vendal, 26, said of Olympios’ strategy to straddle the Bachelor at a pool party and then nap for the rest of the day. 

“I’m not privileged in any way, shape or form,” replied the 24-year-old with a live-in nanny

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Despite the ladies’ best efforts to send Olympios bouncing right out of the Bachelor Mansion, Viall, 36, gave her a rose, and she and the remaining women jetted off to Viall’s hometown in wild, wonderful Waukesha, Wisconsin!

Nick Viall
Nick Viall

Viall’s first one-on-one in Waukesha (say that three times fast) with Danielle Lombard, 27, was all fun and games until they randomly ran into one of his exes. No, not Andi Dorfman, or Kaitlyn Bristowe, or Jen Saviano … but Amber, a woman he dated for “three or four months” not on a television show.

The romance just kept coming when Viall took the remaining women on a group date to a dairy farm. They milked cows and cleaned up poop while wearing a suspicious amount of white. Well, everyone except Olympios, who pouted on a hay bale somewhere, in disbelief that there are tasks that exist that she wouldn’t even make her nanny complete for her.

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Considering the group date literally involved shoveling poop, it’s pretty impressive that the crappiest moments came afterward. Things came to a head when Taylor Nolan, 23, confronted Olympios about her attitude and her excessive napping habit, which Olympios finds hard to believe considering world-class heroes like Michael Jordan and Abraham Lincoln took naps (#AlternativeFacts). By the “To be continued…” card, Olympios was ready to “literally punch [Nolan] in the face,” and we were inundated with hilarious reaction tweets from Bachelor Nation.

Read on for the funniest from Tanner Tolbert, Melissa Rycroft, Ben Higgins and more!

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