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Why ‘Keke Wyatt’s World’ Season 1 Is a Must-Watch Reality Show

Keke Wyatt s World Season 1 Is a Must Watch Reality Show 043
Keke Wyatt. Gary Miller/Getty Images

The first season of Keke Wyatt’s reality series, Keke Wyatt’s World, came to an end on Thursday, November 16, and the singer is back on top.

Wyatt, 41, proved she can balance it all during each episode of the WE tv series. The six-episode season kicked off last month and gave viewers an inside look at how Wyatt is balancing her singing career alongside her home life. Wyatt and her husband, Zackariah Darring, who tied the knot in 2018, share two kids.

Wyatt also shares three children with ex-husband Rahmat Morton and four kids with ex-husband Michael Jamar Ford.

“It actually is not hard at all,” she told Us Weekly last month about being a mom of 11. “If I have to go to the store, I’ll take one with me, and that’s our time. Or if I’m going to the studio to record, I’ll take one, whoever’s asking to go. I just do it like that and I get my one-on-one time in.”

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While Keke Wyatt’s World focused on Wyatt as she recorded her first new album in six years, she also wanted to showcase her struggles with postpartum depression. The series also highlights her youngest son, Ke’zyah, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder following his May 2022 birth.

Wyatt told Us that the show was a “good release” for her “feelings.”

Keke Wyatt s World Season 1 Is a Must Watch Reality Show 041
Courtesy of AMC

“It’s kind of like wearing a girdle or not wearing a girdle,” she explained. “You’ll give that girdle a good eight hours and you’re like, ‘Alright, honey, it’s time to come off.’ And you take it off and you feel good. It’s very frustrating and it’s hard sometimes, but it also has its beautiful moments, and to know that I can help someone that may be going through that makes me feel good.”

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As the series progressed, fans got to see how Darring manages life as a stay-at-home dad. Wyatt’s relationship with her mom, Lorna, and best friend Andrae were also focal points of the series.

“I’ve been through so much, and what I’ve done differently this time is whatever I’m going through in the moment, I’ll write about and then I’ll sing about it,” Wyatt shared with Us. “We all go through things. And I’m hoping that if they’re going through something that I’ve already been through, that maybe I can help them get through it.”

Keke Wyatt’s World is available to stream via the AMC channel ALLBLK.