‘Siesta Key’ Sneak Peek: Juliette Porter and Robby Hayes Address Texts to Her Ex, Admit to Airplane Sex

Facing an ex is never easy — especially when it’s about another ex. During the Tuesday, February 18, episode of Siesta Key, Robby Hayes approaches Juliette Porter and reveals that Alex Kompothecras has been texting him — and sending him screenshots of her texts.

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In Us Weekly‘s exclusive sneak peek, Robby, 30, shows his phone to Juliette, 22, revealing the screenshot.

“I was happiest with you,” one of her texts to Alex, 24, reads. Another says, “I was trying ot move on desperately and I thought I did but as soon as I saw you everything went away. I was never over you. I am so so sorry Alex. I’m sorry for every single thing.”

Robby Confronts Ex Juliette

During last week’s episode, Juliette called off her relationship with the Bachelor in Paradise alum but told him it had nothing to do with seeing Alex. Instead, she blamed it on the fact that she wasn’t ready for a relationship.

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To explain the texts, Juliette tells Robby that Alex had been telling her how sad he was before she sent those. “I’m an empathetic person. It had to have killed him to see us together,” she says. However, she did admit the texts were real and that she meant them.

“Yeah, I was a little confused,” she shares. Robby, in turn, tells her he believes their relationship was “all a lie” and asks Juliette what her favorite memory was of them. After a few moments, she says she had so many — but he wants her to name one.

“Greece,” she says. “Everything in Greece. We had sex on a plane, is that what you want to hear?”

Robby Confronts Ex Juliette Siesta Key
Juliette and Robby on Siesta Key

He answers, “No. My favorite moment was we stayed up until 5 a.m. talking and watching The Office. That was when I was, like, I could spend a very large amount of my time with this girl.”

Later in the clip, Juliette, again, tries to explain that the reason they split was not about Alex but that he’s just a “narcissist egotistical motherf–ker” —which Robby agrees with.

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“For him to feel good, he needs me to feel good, he needs me to be sad and him to be off with someone else while he’s still texting me telling me he loves me,” Juliette adds.

Siesta Key airs on MTV Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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