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Super Bowl 2017 Ads: All The Best Commercials From This Year’s Game

Score! Aside from the action on the field, Luke Bryan‘s take on the National Anthem and, of course, Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated halftime performance, Super Bowl LI promises some of the most over-the-top advertisements in the game’s history. But if you’re planning to use commercial breaks to restock on snacks, don’t worry, because many of the companies — which the New York Times reports paid an average of over $5 million for a 30-second spot — have already released the ads they’ll run on February 5. Scroll down for a rundown of what you can expect to see outside of Houston’s NRG Stadium Sunday.

Super Bowl ad Mr. Clean
This year’s Super Bowl ad for Mr. Clean.

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Part 1 of the building materials supply company’s emotional Super Bowl ad, called “The Journey Begins,” reminds viewers of the topical issue of Mexican immigration. The 90-second spot shows the obstacles a Mexican mother and daughter face as they travel to their new home.

Tiffany & Co

Lady Gaga, who wowed the audience with her amazing halftime show performance, also appeared in a Super Bowl ad for Tiffany & Co.


The tire maker tugged on viewer’s heartstrings with their emotional “I Need You” spot.


The home sharing site also got political with their “We Accept” ad.


The automaker’s 60-second spot, called “Daughter,” shows a girl competing as her father’s heard wondering how her gender will affect her self worth, and ends with company’s pledge to support pay equality.

Avocados From Mexico

Whether it’s guacamole or avocado toast, Jon Lovitz attempts to hypnotize viewers into eating the creamy green fruit anyway they’d like.

Bud Light

The ghost of Spuds MacKenzie returns to get Brian off the couch and into the party with a case of Bud Light and the reminder that, “You’re not just here for the party, you’re here for the friendships.”


Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken recite the lyrics to *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” in this offbeat spot.


“Born the Hard Way” highlights Budweiser cofounder Adolphus Busch’s 1876 emigration from Hamburg, Germany, to the United States. Upon his arrival in America, Busch meets the man who would later become his business partner, Eberhard Anheuser.

It’s a 10

The haircare line also got political in their SB commercial, taking a shot at President Donald Trump’s unique hairstyle. “America, we’re in for at least four years of awful hair,” the voiceover begins.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Retired Green Bay Packers player Brett Favre gets back on the field in the first of the restaurant chain’s Super Bowl campaign ads. 


Cam Newton‘s Carolina Panthers aren’t playing Sunday, but he still takes the field alongside a pee wee football team in the American manufacturer’s 60-spot, in which model Miranda Kerr coaches from the sidelines. 

Busch Beer

The brew debuts its new can (and spokesman) in its refreshingly simple 30-second spot, which marks Busch’s first time adverting during football’s biggest event. 


Users of the air freshener take a sigh of relief after cleaning away odors during their halftime bathroom break.

Fiji Water

Pepsi will spotlight its new LifeWTR February 5, but competitors at the Wonderful Company will use their 15-second spot to encourage viewers to continue chugging “Nature’s Gift.”

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As part of its “Power of Dreams” campaign, the car company uses high school yearbook pictures from celebrities like Amy Adams, Steve Carell and Viola Davis to offer words so inspiring that viewers are moved to buy the all-new Honda CR-V. 

Mobile Strike

Arnold Schwarzenegger runs through some of his most famous one-liners in this action-packed ad for the app.


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will face off against the Atlanta Falcons in Sunday’s championship event, but he’ll also appear in the tech company’s game day commercial. However, the 30-second clip, which features the 39-year-old enlisting Intel’s replay feature as he gets ready in the morning — made its debut well before the Patriots landed in the Super Bowl for the ninth time.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

The Patriots may be taking on the Falcons Sunday, but KFC has also pitted its two Colonels — played by Rob Riggle and Billy Zane — against each other in the pursuit of promoting its new Georgia Gold Chicken. 


Melissa McCarthy attempts to save the planet in the South Korea manufacturer’s 60-second “Hero’s Journey” ad, which it released via the company’s Facebook messenger chatbot, NiroBot.

King’s Hawaiian

A man obsessed with the sweet dinner rolls attempts to hide the goods from his family in the bakery’s Super Bowl commercial debut.


Freestyle dancer Lil Buck, who also appears in Apple’s January AirPods commercial, breaks down to Sia’s “Move Your Body” to promote the manufacturer’s 2018 LC 500 performance coupe. Recognize the narrator? That’d be Speechless star Minnie Driver.


The colorful spot for PepsiCo’s brand-new bottled water features a special version of John Legend‘s hit “Love Me Now.” 


Oscar-winning directors the Coen Brothers helm the 60-second ad for the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, in which Hollywood legend Peter Fonda addresses what happens when a driver’s car gets blocked in at the bar.

Mr. Clean

When the brand released its sexy 30-second spot, which shows the brand’s namesake mascot seducing the woman using its cleaning product, the internet took notice. But as the ad concludes, “You gotta love a man who cleans.”


The Japan-based video game publisher uses its first-ever Super Bowl ad to promote its versatile Switch console, available in March. 


Instead of throwing rocks at her window, the star of the Wrigley Company’s Super Bowl commercial uses the fruit-flavored sweets to get love interest Katie’s attention — and the whole family grabs a bite. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Skittles urges viewers to “Romance the Rainbow.”


Though the Mars candy brand will produce the first live Super Bowl commercial since 1981, it released a 75-second teaser to show viewers what they can expect from the Adam Driver–fronted ad.


John Malkovich fights for his domain name in a 77-second video, which of course references the 1999 film Being John Malkovich.

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Justin Bieber lends his expertise as a “Celebration Expert” and shows off his #UnlimitedMoves in the wireless carrier’s 60-second Super Bowl spot, which also features Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and former NFL pro Terrell Owens getting down to the singer’s Purpose track, “Children.” The Canadian pop star also returned to Instagram in support of the campaign. 

Unlikely comedy duo Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg also starred in a funny spot for T-mobile.


Rob Gronkowski appears again off the field as an employee at a dry cleaners, where he remove stains and sleeves from Jeffrey Tambor‘s shirts.


DJ Khaled and Kathy Bates have both appeared in recent commercials for the tax software, but for the big game, the brand is bringing out an even more timeless name: Humpty Dumpty, who does his taxes on his infamous wall.


The Chicago-based company features a badass woman showing just how far the brand’s car accessories will go to protect users’ vehicles. 


The fast food chain denounces frozen beef patties to the tune of Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” in its first-ever Super Bowl spot.

Action stars Gal Gadot and Jason Statham battle the bad guys up front as Chef Felix easily whips together his website in the kitchen. 

Wonderful Pistachios 

Ernie the Elephant — voiced by John Cena — has battled elevator weight sensors and stripped for airport security in the past, but for the brand’s game day spot, he pulls a Taylor Swift on the treadmill.

Yellow Tail

Model Ellie Gonsalves shows off her bikini body to promote the Australian wines in this 30-second ad.

Check out all of the commercials when Super Bowl LI airs February 5 at 6:30 p.m. on Fox.

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