‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle Evans Opens Up About Heroin Addiction, Kailyn Lowry’s Marriage Unravels

Jenelle Evans is officially a medical mystery! The North Carolina native struggled to find out what was behind her “numb fingers,” “uncontrollable body jerks” and “weird sweats” during the Monday, May 30, episode of MTV’s Teen Mom 2, along with opening up about her past heroin addiction. Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry confided in her ex-boyfriend about her unraveling marriage; Leah Messer confronted her ex-husband’s new wife; and Adam Lind revealed his reason for ditching Aubree‘s father-daughter dance. (Spoiler alert: worst reason ever.)

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What’s the Deal with Jenelle’s Health? 

Praying for Jenelle! Teen Mom 2’s resident Southern belle was bummed to find out that her tests in New York City were inconclusive, so she jetted back to North Carolina and went to the emergency room. “It’s just scary to even go to sleep anymore,” Jenelle told her boyfriend, David Eason. “I just feel like I’m slowly dying.”

Jenelle found out that her nervous and muscular systems are A-OK, but told her mom, Barbara Evans, about some of her more alarming symptoms. “I’m having night terrors where I’m crying in my sleep,” she said. “I have bad dreams — like, last night I had a dream that David died. One night, I had a dream that Kaiser had brain surgery, and he had staples all throughout his skull.” Babs’ response? “You’re watching too much of that Walking Dead movie.” Classic.

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Jenelle ended up getting prescribed potentially addictive anxiety medication, which led to a raw discussion with David about her past heroin abuse (with her man feeling the need to mansplain medication to her). “I was addicted in the past, to not really painkillers, but actually the purest form: heroin,” Jenelle said. “I’m never gonna be addicted to any drug ever again, and I will make sure of it. And I don’t smoke anymore, and I’m trying to get Jace back. I’m not going back to that.”

Keeping Up With Nathan and His Innovative Hair

Wondering what’s up with Nathan and his glorious man bun? Jenelle’s ex told friends that he and his new lady are still going through with their assault charges against Jenelle, and Nathan dropped the bombshell that he filed custody paperwork for their son. “I don’t know if Kaiser’s with Barbara, with [Jenelle’s] friend,” Nathan complained. “I don’t know. I have no clue what’s going on with my son.”

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Speaking of Barbara, she and Jenelle ended up getting into yet another huge fight — this time about how unsupportive Babs was being re: Jenelle’s health. “It takes for me to go to the hospital for the fourth time for you to act concerned,” Jenelle said tearfully. Her mom’s response? “You’re, like, a hypochondriac, for Christ’s sake … I went to the hospital and asked you for a ride, and your little bitch couldn’t even take me!”

Poor Jenelle was horrified by her mom’s comments, ended up crying, threatened to get custody of Jace and delivered this burn: “You are sick, dude. Everyone sees it.”

Kailyn Gets Real About Her Relationship With Javi

Guys, Kailyn and Javi are not in a good place. The married Teen Mom 2 star visited New York to meet up with a business contact (FYI she wants to be a TV host), and while there confided in friends about her marriage. “It’s rough, it’s hard,” Kailyn said. “[Deployment is] a lot harder on him than I thought it would be. He doesn’t feel supported … we lose things to talk about. His day-to-day is the same, we have been fighting. Right now I feel like is the time for me to focus on myself.”

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Strangely, Kailyn also opened up to her ex, Jo Rivera — a.k.a., Javi’s number one nemesis. Jo and Kailyn were technically meeting to chat about co-parenting, but Kailyn didn’t waste time getting real about her husband. “Javi and I have been dealing with some stuff while he’s been deployed, and it’s been way harder than I ever anticipated,” Kailyn said after Jo implied that Javi was a problem in their friendship. “It kinda makes me nervous for a lot of things.”


Miranda and Leah Get Into a Text Fight

Remember last week when Leah found out that Corey Simms wife, Miranda, wasn’t helping Ali with her backpack? Well, this week Miranda wrote Leah a tense text with her side of the story. “I do care for them and try to give them the best life when they are here,” Miranda wrote. “But it really bothers me you are claiming you have some sort of sneaky video of me because I have absolutely nothing to hide.”

Leah waited a day to respond to Miranda, and ended up keeping things super civil. “A year ago before treatment, when Miranda texted me, I would have responded immediately,” she said. “I would have gotten bitchy right back, I would have gotten defensive right back … It’s just gonna make it 10 times worse … She is playing a mother role to my children, so I think we should have some kinda friendship.”

Even Corey was impressed by Leah and Miranda’s dialogue, and the three of them made plans to attend coparenting counseling. “Miranda and I, ever since you’ve gotten back [from rehab], we’ve seen a big change,” Corey said. “That’s why it was the way it was … You took it as an attack towards you, and that’s not really how it was.”

Looks like this is the beginning of a beautiful coparenting relationship!

Adam Drops the Most Depressing Truth Bomb Ever

Time to check in on Teen Mom 2’s no. 1 dad, Adam Lind. Last week, Adam skipped out on Aubree’s father-daughter dance (poor thing had to go with Chelsea‘s boyfriend, Cole, instead), and this week, Chelsea told Adam’s parents what a flake their son is. “His parents were like, ‘Yeah, we didn’t know anything about that,'” Chelsea said. “We’re just so glad he has Cole in her life … I got in the car, and I cried to Cole. I felt like they gave me approval. They’re glad that Aubree has Cole in her life.”

Aubree actually asked Adam — while hanging out with him at a weight competition (yep, that’s how they spend their time together) — why he wasn’t at the dance, and Adam’s answer was very depressing: “Because I had to do this.” *points to half-empty gym*

By the way, in case you need another reason to side-eye Adam, Chelsea found out that he got a lawyer to appeal his increased child support payments. Yikes.

Tell Us: Do you think it’s a good idea for Jenelle to be on anxiety meds, given her history?

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