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Kim Kardashian, Malika Haqq Visit Prison in ‘The Kardashians’: ‘This Is What I Want to Teach My Boys’

Kim Kardashian and Malika Haqq Visit Prison in New ‘The Kardashians’ Clip- ‘They’re Just Like Us’ 2
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Malika Haqq is accompanying Kim Kardashian on an important visit.

In Us Weekly’s exclusive clip from The Kardashians upcoming Thursday, November 2, episode, Kim, 43, and Malika, 40, travel to Crescent City, California, where Pelican Bay Prison is located.

“Malika always asks me about the work that I do, and she’s like a really empathetic person, and I think that she would have a lot to say and has a great platform,” the Skims founder said in a confessional. “And I’m just grateful that a new group of people gets to hear and be inspired.”

While the two traveled in the backseat of a car, Malika asked if it was “normal” to feel “a little nervous” prior to the visit.

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“There’s nothing to be nervous over,” Kim assured her. “If it’s, like, a safety issue, like, when I first went into, like, San Quentin they gave me a full, like, breakdown. Like, you’re so safe, you’re so protected. They don’t get people to, like, come and visit all the time. They’re just grateful to have people to talk to.”

Kim went on to explain that the pair were going to meet with people who were incarcerated and had life sentences (which she calls “lifers”) and then “got out” after two decades.

Kim Kardashian and Malika Haqq Visit Prison in New ‘The Kardashians’ Clip- ‘They’re Just Like Us’ 2

“So you’ll get to see that you might have this, like, stigma of, like, what people are like,” she told Malika. “They’re just like us. They might have made some, like, choices that we wouldn’t have, or, like, just some really bad circumstances that, like, things like this, I take and I’m like, ‘OK, this is what I want to teach our boys.’”

Viewers have watched Kim immerse herself in her new law career after registering with the California State Bar in 2018. While the reality star passed the First-Year Law Students’ Examination (a.k.a. the ‘baby bar”) on her fourth try in December 2021, she recently revealed she is aiming to take the official bar exam in February 2025.

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Since she has pursued her passion for criminal justice reform, Kim has even visited the White House a few times to advocate for inmates seeking clemency. Kim previously credited her late father, Robert Kardashian Sr., for inspiring her journey to becoming a lawyer.

“We talked about it for sure when I was in college, but I wasn’t that serious,” she told Wall Street Journal magazine in October 2021. “Hopefully one day I can start a law firm where we can help people pro bono and hire people who were formerly incarcerated. I don’t see me floating on a yacht. I think I’ll always feel good when I’m working.”

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