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‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2’ Crowns a Winner: Team U.K. or Team U.S.?

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Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Wednesday, December 11, the finale of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2.

Talk about a grueling final. Part 2 of season 34’s finale kicked off right where part 1 left off — Paulie Calafiore was left in the jungle with heatstroke and the entire team — with the exception of Cara Maria Sorbello — was ready to leave him there so they could continue to compete.

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Ultimately, Team U.S. left him behind, took apart the gurney and carried it separately. They then waited for Paulie and headed to the next checkpoint: a puzzle. Team U.K. arrived first and could not figure it out. Eventually, they timed out. However, while Paulie’s body was physically falling apart, his brain was not. He was able to complete the puzzle and seemingly got a second wind. Despite that, everyone was livid and Team U.S. couldn’t stop yelling at each other.

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Meanwhile, Team U.K. was finally able to drop their gurney and head to a boat, where they were given granola, bananas and more food. Once Team U.S. arrived at the point where they could drop their gurney, T.J. Lavin informed them they had a 10-minute penalty for switching carriers and carrying sandbags separately. They then also headed to their boat.

Each boat took the teams to where they would sleep: the middle of the jungle. Two twin beds were inside a glassed-in area, which was also filled with snakes. One person from each team can sleep at a time. No one really slept and Paulie spent the night throwing up.

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The next morning, TJ returned with bad news. The next stop would be individual puzzles; once you finish the puzzle, you have to run to the beach and swim out to a boat. However, only four players from each team could make the final leg. This meant that Team U.K. would lose one and Team U.S. would lose three.

At the puzzle, everyone struggled … for the most part. “Ninja” Natalie Duran was the first to solve it for Team U.S., while C.T. Tamburello was first for Team U.K.


Unfortunately, after all was said and done, Tori Deal was eliminated from U.K. while Jordan Wiseley, Rogan O’Connor, Dee Nguyen and C.T. headed to the final round. For Team U.S., Leroy Garrett, Kam Williams and Ashley Mitchell were eliminated. The four players that competed in the final leg were Zach Nichols, Paulie, Cara and Ninja.

Stage two was another race: each team had to run six miles with their ankles chained together. They then had to solve a puzzle and get into separate kayaks; the first team to get all four players to a boat, won. Team U.K. only received a five-minute headstart, which was quickly cut down when Team U.S. seemingly ran while U.K. slowed down.

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While the puzzle could have been an equalizer, neither team could finish it and both had to wait until it timed out. However, since U.K. arrived first, they left first — and they were the winners of $1 million, split four ways.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 reunion airs on MTV Wednesday, December 18, at 9 p.m. ET.

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