Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, Lauren Sorrentino Order the Entire Shake Shack Menu on ‘Cheat Day’

Mike The Situation Sorrentino Orders Entire Shake Shack Menu
Mike Sorrentino and Lauren Sorrentino. The Situations/YouTube

Go big or go home! Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, takes his cheat days so seriously that he recently visited Shake Shack with his wife, Lauren Sorrentino (née Pesce), and ordered just about everything on the menu to try out.

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The feast is actually part of a new YouTube series for the couple called Eating Our Best Life, in which the pair visit various fast-food chains and chow down on whatever their hearts desire. “We’re getting everything on the menu,” Lauren, 35, declared in the clip from earlier this month, noting that Shake Shack is her favorite fast-food restaurant. “We’re gonna just try it all.”

The epic spread they ordered included many Shake Shack classics, such as a ShackMeister Burger, a Chick’n Shack, a 20-piece chick’n Bites with plenty of dipping sauce, a ‘Shroom Burger, a ShackBurger, a Shack Stack — which is a cheeseburger with a ‘Shroom Burger on top — two orders of french fires, one order of cheese fries, a Shack-cago hot dog with all of the toppings and an order of shallot fries.

On the beverage front, the duo ordered two diet Cokes, a Creamsicle float, a root beer float and lemonade. They also ordered a vanilla-chocolate toffee Concrete for desert, which is made with dense frozen custard. “I’m ready for that,” Mike, 37, said.

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When the food arrived, the Jersey Shore alum, declared, “It’s going down!”

The chicken nuggets — a.k.a. “golden treasure” — was a big hit with the duo, as was the “fire” ‘Shroom Burger and the Chick’n Shack, which Mike deemed better than similar offerings from Chick-fil-A and Popeyes. As the reality star put it, “That sandwich right there be hittin’ different.”

For her part, Lauren declared the Shack Stack a “cheat day staple.” As she explained, “It’s like an over-indulgence. It’s so unnecessary but still good.”

In the limo ride on the way home, a very full Mike and Lauren dug into their dessert. “We eat healthy six days out of the week and on cheat day we turn up,” the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star explained. “Everything there is good.”

Mike The Situation Sorrentino Orders Entire Shake Shack Menu
Shake Shack order. The Situations/YouTube

Last month, Mike told Us Weekly exclusively that he was inspired to launch Eating Our Best Life after sustaining himself with mediocre meals while in prison. “I actually thought up this concept while I was in prison for about eight months,” he explained to Us at the time. “You don’t really get good food in prison. So for eight months I was like, ‘You know what? When I get out of prison, I’m going to pretty much eat my best life, like weekly, in a limo.’ And here we are, months later we filmed a whole bunch of episodes already and it’s really picking up steam and the subscribers really love it and we love to film it as well.”

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The MTV personality was released from a New York federal prison in September 2019 after serving eight months for tax evasion.

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