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Release Stress and Improve Hair Growth With the Best Scalp Massager

Highly rated scalp massagers
Suppose you had a long tiring day at work, and all you need is a soothing head massage to release all your stress. But, you’ll have to go to a professional massager for that, right? Wrong! You can bring top-notch relaxation right to your home with ease by investing in a new scalp massager.

Apart from soothing and relaxing you, a scalp massager can also improve your hair growth and exfoliates your scalp to help get all the dirt and grime out. This simple but effective tool has long gone unnoticed by the beauty industry, but the benefits it provides are largely worth the purchase.

Understandably, finding the right scalp massager can be a bit of a hassle. So, we’ve composed a list of the top scalp massagers of 2023 to help you pick the right one for yourself.

Review of the Top Scalp Massagers of 2023

HEETA Scalp Massager – Best Overall

scalp massager reviews
The Heeta Scalp Massager is a traditional brush hosting an ergonomic and sturdy plastic handle along with soft-silicone bristles to soothe your scalp. The ergonomic handle ensures your hand does not get tired from holding the massager. Plus, the bristles of the scalp massager are suitable for all hair types, from thick to thin and short to long, so it will continue to be effective no matter what hair changes you might encounter in the future.

The bristles are made in three different lengths to enhance their massaging capabilities and provide a more comfortable experience. They also aid in improving the blood circulation in your scalp without damaging your hair, which has been shown to help with improving hair growth.

While other scalp massagers are only available in a few colors, this fan favorite comes in nine different ones giving you a variety to choose from. Soft bristles, an ergonomic plastic handle, and various colors to choose from are what make this scalp massager the best overall on the list.

  • Soft silicone bristles support hair growth
  • Ergonomic, comfortable handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Might not remove grime buildup entirely

Cbiumpro Scalp Massager – Best for In-Shower Use

scalp massager reviews
The Cbiumpro Scalp Massager is a manually operated scalp brush that helps you get everything from dirt to dead skin cells out of your scalp during a shower. Its long waterproof silicone bristles reach your scalp even if you have long or thick hair.

The anti-skid rubber pads provide a firm grip while shampooing your hair so that you can pull out all the unwanted grime stuck in your scalp without having to worry about the massager slipping out of your hands. On top of that, it contributes to cleaner hair after washes and improves blood circulation throughout your scalp, which benefits your overall hair growth.

  • Ultra-long silicone bristles to clean hair effectively
  • Firm, anti-skid grip
  • No hair pulling
  • Might feel a bit bulky

FREATECH Scalp Massager – Best for Traveling

scalp massager reviews
Freatech provides you with this small portable scalp massager that is suitable for both men and women, making it an excellent choice for all hair types and styles. Being compact in size and extra lightweight, this scalp massager is easy to carry while traveling. It can easily fit into your handbag or carry-on bag without damaging its bristles, as it can bend in any direction.

The bristles of the massager are of high-quality silicone material, which prevents tangling. They make you feel incredibly relaxed when massaged into irritated scalps. Its rubber bristles work wonders on wet and dry hair, providing immediate relief by exfoliating the dirt and grime buildup on your scalp.

  • Gentle on scalp skin
  • Lightweight and portable
  • For all hair and scalp types
  • Exfoliates the scalp well
  • Using it can tire out your hands

HOFASAN Scalp Massager – Most Relaxing

scalp massager reviews
The Hofasan Head Massager is a classic choice for many people, as its design allows it to bend its prongs to fit the shape of your head. It features smooth-gliding rubber beads on the tips to gently massage your scalp without irritating your skin or tangling your hair, relieving all the stress from your head within seconds.

The rubber tip prongs target the acupuncture points in your scalp gently and precisely to improve circulation in the scalp and relieve stress. This induces better hair growth with frequent usage.

  • Provides pleasant sensations
  • Stress-relieving beaded bristles
  • No batteries needed
  • Cannot use in the shower

USAGA Scalp Massager – Easy to Use

scalp massager reviews
The Usaga Scalp Massager replaces the need for batteries or rechargeable modules to get a head massage. With a simple design, this 20-fingered tool features a firm grip that allows you to maneuver it all over your head with ease. The bristles are made with high-quality springs, making this massager extremely durable.

It is convenient to carry around and you can use it pretty much anywhere. In addition to giving a relaxing scalp massage, this head massager also increases blood circulation, promoting hair growth. It is also great for people with insomnia and anxiety, as it has a calming effect.

  • Durable, high-quality spring fingers
  • Rubber tips have a calming effect
  • Adjustable prongs for customizable massage
  • Multiple contact points increase effectiveness
  • May tangle curly hair types

Scalp Massager Buying Guide

Are you one of those people tired of scratching their head often or stressed by seeing their hair fall out frequently? If yes, a scalp massager is a must-have product to save your day. With many massagers available across the market, you might face difficulties choosing the right one for your needs. 

So, before you purchase a scalp massager, there are some factors you should take into consideration to get the right one for yourself. To make your life a bit easier, we have composed a guide that elaborates on these essential factors. 

What To Look for When Purchasing a Scalp Massager

Here are a few features you should look into before buying a scalp massager to help you narrow down the ideal one for you: 


When selecting a scalp massager, the material is an essential factor to consider. Some scalp massager models can be used in water while others cannot. If you intend to use it in the shower, the frame and head should be of silicone or waterproof rubber. Hair massagers that are not suitable for use in water, on the other hand, are made of wood and typically feature wooden bristles.

Also, keep in mind that metal scalp massagers cannot be used in water, as metal gets rusted over time.

Bristle type

Choosing the right bristle type for yourself is one of the primary factors to think about, as they are continuously in contact with your hair and scalp. Bristles that are hard and sturdy, made of hard plastic, might cause bruises and hair damage. Soft bristles on the other hand will be gentle on your scalp.

Soft bristles can be further classified as thicker, soft silicone bristles or thinner, soft bristles. The former is ideal for fragile or curly hair because they help prevent breakage and tangles. In contrast, the thinner soft bristles will exfoliate the scalp more effectively and reduce product buildup.

Some massagers have two types of heads: one with long bristles and one with quick tips. Both have benefits for different hair types. Long bristles are suitable for thick hair, so the massager can reach your scalp, whereas quick tips are better for thin hair.

Grip and design

There are many shapes and sizes of scalp massagers available in the market. Many scalp massagers have a similar shape to a computer mouse, but they are slightly larger. This is because their design must be ergonomic and easy to grip for you to maintain control during massage therapy. You have to choose the one that suits your grip size and is comfortable in the palm of your hand.

Another aspect to consider is the base design of your massager. While most scalp massagers have a round base, some are curved, allowing the bristles to bend to the shape of your head. As a result, it is often preferable to select a massager with a round base for more comfortable use.


Weight and design can be big contributors to the practicality of you using a scalp massager. You may buy a lightweight brush because you anticipate you’ll be holding it for longer. Other buyers look for one with a sleek design that fits well in a bag or pocket and can be carried anywhere. To make it less of a burden to use we recommend that you choose a portable and travel-friendly scalp massager. 

Hair type

Most believe a scalp massager will not work on thick or very curly hair. However, you can use them on all hair types, including; long, short, straight, dry, wet, thin, thick, curly, wavy, and colored hair! You just have to find one with features that best accommodate your hair.

Soft and long bristles move deeply through thick hair without effort. For thin hair, you should get a fine, short-bristled brush to avoid unnecessary roughness. People with sensitive scalps may benefit as well since scalp massagers aid in removing dandruff, flakes, and dead skin cells from the scalp. Of course, if you have extremely sensitive hair or scalp, it would be wise to talk to your doctor or dermatologist before using a scalp massager brush. 

How Can I Add a Scalp Massager to My Hair Care Routine?

There are several ways to use a scalp massager, and you can experiment with them and choose the one that works for you. Here are the top two:

While taking a shower

Using your scalp massager in the shower is highly beneficial. The scalp massager will loosen dead skin cells and buildup that will be washed away as you rinse. Here are three easy steps:

Step 1: Wet your hair and apply your preselected shampoo. 

Step 2: Next, take a scalp massager and move it in small, circular motions around your head. You may use as much or as little pressure as you want. 

Step 3: Massage your scalp as you rinse out your product to ensure that you’re thoroughly cleaning it. 

While oiling your hair

Hair oils can help strengthen your hair, make it softer, add a shine, and prevent dandruff. With that said, using a scalp massager after you apply oil to your hair can enhance these benefits and also add an incredibly luxurious feel. Here’s how you should do it:

Step 1: Start off by applying your preferred oil to your scalp. 

Step 2: Use your scalp brush and gently massage the scalp in circular motions paying close attention to the entire head. Even if you are done massaging, keep the oil in your hair for an hour or two. 

Step 3: Rinse the oil out with shampoo and continue with your hair care routine.

People Also Asked

Q: How do I use a scalp massager properly?

A: To properly use a scalp massager, you should first find a comfortable position where you can sit as you steer the massager over your head. If your scalp massager is waterproof, you can do this in the shower for even more relaxing results.

Q: How often should I use a scalp massager?

A: This will depend on your hair care routine – i.e. how frequently you shampoo your hair or do scalp treatments – but you can use a scalp massager as often as you like. You should use it every time you oil or shower your hair for perfect results.

Q: Are scalp massagers better than professional hands?

A: A scalp massager provides you with relaxation therapy whenever you need it. The results of a scalp massager are comparable to those of a professional. But, it cannot wholly replace a hair therapist’s manual movements, which are more precise.

Q: Does the scalp massager hurt?

A: Generally, scalp massagers are not hurtful. Still, using them on broken skin or massaging with an incorrect brush type may cause you harm. If you are experiencing discomfort, you can massage the scalp with essential oils such as argan oil.

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