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Frankies Bikinis Launches a Colorful Pride Collection Made to Grab Attention and Instill Confidence

Frankies Bikinis Launches Colorful Pride Collection
Frankies Bikinis founder Francesca Aiello and brother Tanner Aiello. Jesse Fiorino

Frankies Bikinis is known for its inclusivity, individuality, chic styles and of course major celebrity fans, including Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Sofia Richie, Hailey Bieber, Bella and Gigi Hadid and more. Now, the brand is taking it one step further in an effort to give back and support even more bikini bodies with the release of its Pride Collection, an eight-piece rainbow collection where 20% of proceeds will be donated to the Stonewall Community Foundation, an organization assisting the LGBTQ+ community.

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“I wanted the colors in this collection to represent exactly what Pride means to me  — being proud of who you are and wearing that on your sleeve,” Frankies Bikinis founder Francesca Aiello tells Stylish.

“Any time you wear something bright and loud, it calls attention to yourself and that is exactly what I want to show with this collection. I want people to own the confidence they have in themselves, accept themselves and to know that the unique qualities we each have are what make the world so diverse,” she adds. 

Frankies Bikinis Launches Colorful Pride Collection
Jesse Fiorino

One of the most important influences behind the designer’s new collection is her brother Tanner, who came out to her at 18 years old.

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“My brother being part of the LGBTQ+ community has opened a door for me to be able to see first-hand how important it is knowing that he has the support of not only our family, but the community as well. It has allowed me to educate myself on not only the struggles this community has had in the past and continue to have today, but also on how important it is to celebrate the milestone accomplishments and continue to be a part of creating change and pushing for equality,” Aiello explains.

“It has always been a pillar of Frankies Bikinis, and of mine to celebrate individuality and to spread the message of how important it is to love yourself, love your body and be proud of who you are. This is not just something I want others to do, but something that I am continuously working on myself as well,” she continues.

Frankies Bikinis Launches Colorful Pride Collection
Jesse Fiorino

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To get on board, Aiello recommends giving back and spreading love in any way you can. “If you are purchasing something from the collection, know that you are being a part of something bigger and more meaningful than just buying a new swimsuit or pair of sweatpants,” the fashion guru says. 

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