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Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon Have ‘Strong Opinions’ on Their ‘Morning Show’ Wardrobes (Exclusive)

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are “very involved” when it comes to what their characters wear on The Morning Show.

The show’s costume designers Beth Lancaster and Sophie De Rakoff recently opened up to Us Weekly about how Aniston, 54 and Witherspoon, 47, weigh in on Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson’s respective styles.

“They’ve been very involved since the beginning,” De Rakoff, 54, who designs for Witherspoon’s character, told Us. “They have very strong opinions about their characters. They know what works on their body and what doesn’t. They are deeply connected to the script and the material and the storylines of the show … I’m also speaking for Debra McGuire, who’s Jennifer’s costume designer, but I know that they bring similar things to the table.”

De Rakoff — who has worked with Witherspoon, since 2001 when she costume designed for Legally Blonde — shared that the actress is “very connected to fashion.”

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon Have Strong Opinions On Their Morning Show Wardrobes
Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in ‘The Morning Show.’ Apple TV+

“She enjoys it just as much as she’s ever done. She gets a good deal of pleasure out of it,” she gushed. “As you move through life, [you] become more and more refined and more and more aware of what works and what doesn’t work.”

When it comes to Witherspoon’s personal style, her on screen character is “very different.” Bradley wears “dark, saturated colors,” while Witherspoon is known to rock florals, bright colors and preppy items in real life. “Their personal [style] does not overlap with the character,” De Rakoff added.

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Although Bradley’s fashion is muted, her style has evolved since the first season of the show. De Rakoff explained that because she used to be a “West Virginia field reporter” and now is an “evening news anchor,” her fashion is “very elevated at this point.” She told Us: “She’s got a much more specific visual and aesthetic point of view on camera and off.”

Lancaster — who designs for Greta Lee’s character Stella Bak —told Us that fans can look forward to seeing Stella with a “finer version” of “streetwear” in season 3.

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Both of the costume designers agreed that the suits featured on the show are “beautiful.” Lancaster gushed that one of her favorites is Stella’s gray suit, which fans will see in season 3: “It’s gorgeous. It’s a head-to-toe look.”

De Rakoff added, “In terms of the suiting, we collaborated with Lafayette 148 for Bradley, and we have two really beautiful custom made suits that are a wide leg, seventies looking trouser suit that I think work really, really well for her character.”

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When asked about any behind-the-scenes snafus, Lancaster told Us that although they hadn’t had any wardrobe malfunctions on set (yet), they did “wind up stuffing a pair of shoes once this season in order to make them fit a bit better.”

Season 3 of The Morning Show premieres on Apple TV+ Wednesday, September 13.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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