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Jodie Comer Shares Her Go-To Brow Hack, Favorite ‘Killing Eve’ Look and Beauty Icon

Jodie Comer Shares Her Go-To Brow Hack Plus Her Favorite 'Killing Eve' Look
Jodie Comer at the 2019 Emmy Awards. Rob Latour/Shutterstock

With Killing Eve’s season 3 premiere premiere date pushed up, the anticipation is real. But in the meantime, we’re tiding ourselves over with some beauty tips from the star of the series, Jodie Comer.

In an interview with Allure, the 27-year-old spilled her go-to brow hack, her favorite Killing Eve look and her beauty icon.

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It’s no surprise to learn that the Liverpool native takes her brow care seriously. After all, her’s are seriously on-point. “I could have no makeup on, but if I fix my brows… or when I’m on set, the one thing I want to do myself is my eyebrows,” she told the publication.

So naturally when it comes to her must-have product, she’s all about the brow gel, in particular Glossier’s Boy Brow. However, when she’s in a pinch, she has a super simple trick she depends on and it’s brilliant.

She just takes a bit of hairspray and spritzes it onto a clean mascara spooley brush. This allows her to seamlessly brush her brow hairs into place. “This is, like, when it’s desperate times.”

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Her character Villanelle plays a lot of different types of people when going undercover as a hired spy and assassin. You know that means — all the costumes. So which one was Comer’s favorite to wear?

“I’ve always wanted to have red or auburn hair, and we had that kind of wig in season two when I was playing this school teacher,” she said. “I was obsessed with that look.”

When it comes to real-life beauty icons though, she has one that seems like a no-brainer to her. “You know who I’m just obsessed with? Meryl Streep,” she told the publication. “Though she’s talking about her beauty inspiration, she could be making a more general statement and it would ring just as true. “I mean, throughout her whole life…she’s so beautiful, and just in such a simple and pure way.”

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