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Justin Bieber’s House of Drew Launched Collection 2 Before Collection 1 Orders Shipped

Justin Bieber's House of Drew Launched Collection 2
Justin Bieber sighting in New York. 05 Mar 2019MEGA

Justin Bieber’s House of Drew dropped a second collection over the weekend and it’s as cool and chill as the first one. However, some people are still waiting to get in on the action for the Collection 1.

TMZ reported on March 10 that fans are still waiting on orders from House of Drew’s first collection, which launched back at the end of January. The company told those waiting that due to “overselling” it was struggling to fill all the orders. To fix the situation, House of Drew has offered a refund to those who didn’t want to wait and those who are willing to put in the time were promised Collection 1 would be restocked in the next week to be delivered as soon as possible.

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As you may recall, Collection 1 sold out in 24 hours. But it looks like Collection 2 is giving it a run for its money selling out almost everything as of Monday, March 11 except for two items. The first, a Mascot Trucker hat, seems to be a favorite of the “Love Yourself” singer, seeing as he was spotted wearing it in New York City on March 7. So you can officially dress like Bieber and only for $28!

Justin Bieber's House of Drew Launched Collection 2
Beanie from House of Drew House of Drew

The other only available item? A Mascot Beanie that has the yellow smiley-face logo on the brim of the black knit material.

Other now sold out items include sweatshirts and corduroy picks as well as some new sweatpants options that look like the comfiest things to hang out at home in. Giving Us flashbacks to middle school team bonding, there are a few tie dye items including a hoodie and two t-shirts (one long sleeve and one short).

Keeping with the weird — and honestly hilarious — tradition of the first collection, the brand shared more random tidbits of information with each item. Some of our favorites are, “a group of hedgehogs is called a prickle,” and “butterflies will drink turtle tears when they need salt.” So even if you can’t pick up one of these popular pieces, at least enjoy the funny facts the brand has to offer.

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