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How Pregnant Chanel Iman Fights Challenging Skin Changes Amid Her Daughters’ Own Battles With Eczema 

How Pregnant Chanel Iman Fights Challenging Skin Changes Amid Her Daughters’ Own Battles With Eczema
Ben Hider/Aveeno

Chanel Iman’s skin awareness is at an all-time high. 

The 32-year-old supermodel, who is expecting her third child, is experiencing major skin changes with her most recent pregnancy. “When I was younger, I never had sensitive skin — but now that I’m getting older, I do — especially with my pregnancies,” Iman told Us Weekly exclusively while promoting Aveeno’s SkinVisibility program, which aims to address the skin health inequities impacting Black women and women of color. This year’s program initiatives include a collaboration with Health in Her Hue, which aims to provide women of color with culturally sensitive healthcare providers. Aveeno will be sponsoring 500 free year-long premium memberships. Iman, for her part, serves as ambassador for the SkinVisibility program and gushed to Us about how Aveeno has made her life easier.

“This dry skin just came out of nowhere. It’s itchy. My eyes are uncomfortable. My skin has just changed and in addition to that, my two girls have been diagnosed with eczema,” Iman said. (Iman shares daughters Cali, 4, and Cassie, 3, with ex-husband Sterling Shepard — who she split from in June 2021. The exes finalized their divorce in May. Iman is currently expecting her first child with fiancé Davon Godchaux.) 

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“My oldest grew out of it, but my youngest still struggles, and Aveeno has really put my mind at ease,” Iman continued. “It’s gotten so bad with [Cassie] that she can’t do normal kid activities like go to the beach. She often struggles with sleep because her skin is so irritated throughout the night.” (Aveeno research and development manager Jipsha Thakrar told Us eczema can occur at any age but can also be triggered by certain foods.)

How Pregnant Chanel Iman Fights Challenging Skin Changes Amid Her Daughters’ Own Battles With Eczema
Chanel Iman Ben Hider/Aveeno

Iman asserted, however, that she’s noticed a change thanks to Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm. The product is packed with oat oil, which aims to provide long-lasting relief and soothe problem areas. “This nighttime balm really helps her feel comfortable.” 

As for Iman’s own skin, she told Us that her skin has been the most “patchy” with this pregnancy, and she’s using Aveeno’s Tone + Texture Daily Renewing Lotion to soothe parched surfaces on her body. “I use this throughout the day, when I’m getting ready, in between running errands, before I go to bed,” Iman said. “I take like three to four showers a day being pregnant and I apply afterward each time.” The Tone + Texture formula serves as a moisturizer and exfoliator, working to soften and even one’s skin complexion. 

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Iman explained that the key to seeing results with herself and her girls is consistency. 

“Maybe the reason I’m having a lot of issues with my skin right now and with this third pregnancy is because I wasn’t consistent with skincare during my other pregnancies, so I urge expectant mommies to act early when noticing skin changes,” she said.

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