What You Need to Know About the #PullUpOrShutUp Challenge

What Is the #PullUporShutUp Challenge?
Courtesy of Sharon Chuter/Instagram

In an attempt to bring more attention to systematic racism amid the George Floyd protests, UOMA Beauty’s founder Sharon Chuter is asking brands to share how many black people they employ in a challenge called #PullUpOrShutUp.

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In an Instagram Video on Wednesday, June 3, Chuter asked companies that have come out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement to make public its number of black employees.

“We are asking all corporations/brands who went black yesterday to release the number of black employees they have at a corporate and executive level,” she wrote in the accompanying caption. “Show us you really mean it and you are ready to stop being a part of the system of oppression and marginalization.”

These people she said should include those in leadership, corporate and executive levels, not in the field of retail store employees. Those without proper black representation she asked companies to explain how they plan to address and change this.

She continues, asking consumers not to purchase anything from these organizations for 72 hours or until they release this information.

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YouTuber Jackie Aina joined Chuter, posting her very own video addressing and speaking out for the cause.

“Dear brands and corporations, thank you for your public statements of support for the black community. Be conscious that to ignore the role you have played and continue to play in depriving black people access to economic participation, demonstrates a lack of genuine desire for lasting change,” she wrote in the accompanying caption on Wednesday. “We call on EVERYBODY to stand in solidarity with us in holding brands and corporations accountable.”

She concluded, “Ask these brands to PULL UP OR SHUT UP. ALL BRANDS that have had partnerships with me, I challenge and highly encourage all of you to participate.”

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