Is Heidi Wrong to Choose Spencer Over Her Family?

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Celebrity News May. 13, 2010 AT 4:01PM
Is Heidi Wrong to Choose Spencer Over Her Family? Credit: Denise Truscello/

The new Us Weekly (on newsstands now) reports that Heidi Pratt has disowned her family. Says mom Darlene Egelhoff: "I haven't spoken to Heidi since the filming of the premiere" in February.

When Egelhoff showed up Thursday at Heidi and husband Spencer's L.A. home, Heidi, 23, refused to talk to her and called the police. ("I'm getting a restraining order against her," she told TMZ.)

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The incident comes two days after a Hills episode aired that showed Heidi's sister Holly in tears because she feels she has lost Heidi thanks to Spencer's controlling ways.

"He's brainwashed her!" a source tells the new Us Weekly. "He's made her turn her back on her family." 

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