Katie Holmes Settles Lawsuit Over Tabloid Drug Story

Credit: Donato Sardella/WireImage.com

Don't mess with Katie Holmes

The 32-year-old actress has settled her lawsuit against Star Magazine. In January, the tabloid published a cover story with a headline that read "Katie Drug Shocker" and "Addiction Nightmare" accompanying Holmes' picture. Outraged, the wife and mother filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against American Media, the magazine's publisher. 

Now, Star is apologizing to The Kennedys' actress. The latest issue of the tabloid has a cover that reads: "Star Apologizes to Katie Homes."

Inside, the apology reads: "Star did not intend to suggest that Ms. Holmes was a drug addict or was undergoing treatment for a drug addiction. Star apologizes to Ms. Holmes for any misperception and will be making a substantial donation to charity on Ms' Holmes behalf for any harm that we may have caused."

Holmes released a statement on Wednesday, saying: "I'm pleased that this lawsuit could be resolved amicably and accept American Media's apology."