Bikini-Clad Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens Ride Scooters for Spring Breakers


Traffic-stopping stars!

Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens stripped down to bikini tops and short-shorts in St. Petersburg, Florida on Tuesday -- all for the sake of art, of course!

Scantily clad Gomez, 19, and Hudgens, 23 (in a blonde wig) continued shooting Spring Breakers and gamely straddled brightly-colored scooters for the edgy film, directed by Harmony Korine, the screenwriter behind the controversial 90s indie Kids. See more photos from the Spring Breakers set.

Also starring James Franco and Ashley Benson, the film features the twosome as college girls who rob a restaurant to help fund a spring break trip. When they get arrested, they're bailed out by a drug dealer who wants to employ them.

"It's a different character than I have ever played before," an "excited" Gomez told MTV News last year. "It's a different kind of vibe I think than people are used to seeing me in. What you're going to see is more raw, I think. It's going to be raw and more about acting."