Britney Flashes Cop, Drops F-Bomb, Talks Brad Pitt in New Video

Brit's kicking *ss and taking names!

Britney Spears takes on her detractors -- literally -- in the sexy, rough new video for "I Wanna Go," the throbbing third single from her acclaimed clash album Femme Fatale.

Rocking pink hair extensions, the 29-year-old curses out a room of reporters and photographers during a press conference. (One of the questions concerns a supposed love child with Brad Pitt!)

Taking to the streets, the singer goes on a rebellious rampage -- opening up her top to a sexy policeman and getting cuffed. Next, she does battle (swinging a lethal, long-corded microphone) with photographers . . . who may or may not be human?!

Watch Spears' wildest, sexiest video yet -- and check out the homage to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" at the very end!