Kate Walsh Confirms She's Leaving Private Practice: "It's Bittersweet"

Kate Walsh and Bethenny Frankel on 'Bethenny'. Credit: Mark Davis/Warner Bros

It's only the premiere week of her show and Bethenny Frankel is already breaking news!

The new talk show host welcomed actress Kate Walsh on her show Bethenny Wednesday and put some rumors to rest.

"This is my last season for Private Practice," Walsh, 44, confirmed about Season 6 of the hit ABC show. "It's been an incredible journey and amazing ride. I'm hugely, hugely grateful." 

Rumors started spreading in May that Walsh would be leaving the Grey's Anatomy medical drama spinoff.

"Do you feel like a family with everyone?" Frankel, 41, asked.

"Yeah, it's been a long time being Addison," she explained of playing Dr. Addison Montgomery. "I feel incredibly grateful to [creator] Shonda Rhimes and all the fans that have been there from day one to now. I'm really excited about the last season."

However, the star admits it will be tough to say goodbye.

"It's bitter sweet. It's a huge chapter of my life. It was eight years…"