Kendra Whines That She's Become Just Another "NFL Wife"

Kendra Whines That She's Become Just Another "NFL Wife"

Kendra Baskett wants to be an independent woman.

In a new clip from Sunday's Kendra, the reality star struggles to find her own identity separate from her NFL player husband, Hank, and blames herself for his getting bounced around from team to team.

"I always knew it was possible you could get cut," Kendra tells her hubby, who in the last two years has played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts and, most recently, the Minnesota Vikings. "That's my fault not being somewhat independent. I feel like an NFL wife."

Kendra -- whose son, Hank IV, turns 1 Dec. 11 -- says she's encountered stereotypes since giving birth to her son a year ago.

"Being a mom and everything, it's hard," she has said. "Everyone thinks I need to have a turtleneck shirt on and mom pants and act like a total a society robot ... and that's not me. I woke up and realized: Who am I living my life for? Like, I wanna live my life for me."

Kendra airs Sunday at 10 p.m. (EST) on E!