Lady Gaga Smears Cereal on Naked Bod in Marry the Night Video

What, you expected a nice white wedding dress and a chapel in the countryside?

Lady Gaga released the video for her new single "Marry the Night" (from her album Born This Way) on Friday morning -- and it's another doozie!

The singer, 25, has said that the 14-minute clip is semi-autobiographical. The action begins with a distraught, makeup-free Gaga being wheeled into a psychiatric ward on a gurney muttering "I'm gonna be star."

In another scene, the superstar is topless in a hotel room when she gets a bad phone call. Her reaction? Smear a box of cereal over her body as she trashes the hotel room.

(The singing and dancing finally get underway on the streets of Manhattan.)

Watch the crazy, fascinating new video -- directed by Gaga herself -- now.