LOL! Lisa VanderPump Plays Sexy Vixen in '80s Music Video

Most women from the Real Housewives franchise have used to the show to kickstart their music career. Not Lisa VanderPump.

When she was just 22 years old, the future Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star played a sexy vixen in ABC's 1982 music video "Poison Arrow."

In the three-minute clip, the glamorous Bravo reality star rejects lead singer Martin Fry's advances while reapplying her makeup at a dance club. After blowing powder in his face, Fry shrinks in size and VanderPump traps him on the table with a martini glass.

VanderPump didn't earn the cameo on her looks alone; the British beauty enrolled in drama school at the age of 9. "I loved acting in many children's films and television series when I was growing up," the reality star, now 51, wrote on her official website.