Watch Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Share Passionate Kiss in Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

It's no upside-down makeout session, but it's still pretty steamy!

Real-life loves Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone--who plays Spider-Man's love interest, Gwen Stacy--lock lips in the latest Amazing Spider-Man trailer from Columbia Pictures, released Thursday.

The cute costar couple, who are gearing up for an international tour to promote their new flick, first "got close during filming and [started] hooking up" last summer, a source told Us Weekly. Almost a year later, "they're very close. Totally in love," a second insider reveals. "He dotes on her--they're very affectionate."

Last summer, Stone, 23, opened up to Us at a press conference for the film about signing on to play Spidey's love interest.

"For me it was Andrew," the actress explained of her decision to get involved with the project. "My character experiences everything with Peter [Parker] and it's her first love. They experience so much together and they learn so much from one another and with him it just made sense."

Tell Us: Do you think Emma and Andrew's chemistry is as good on-screen as it is off?