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Pregnant Stassi Schroeder Hints at Final Name Choice for Baby No. 2, Reveals Rejected Options

Pregnant Stassi Schroeder Hints at Final Name Choice for Baby
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Pregnant Stassi Schroeder has chosen a name for her baby boy ahead of his arrival.

“I cannot wait to share this baby with everyone and his name. I was thinking about how I am going to explain what his name means last night. I was watching — this will be a hint — Domina and there is an Italian tie to my son’s name,” Schroeder, 35, who shares 2-year-old daughter Hartford with husband Beau Clark, shared on the Wednesday, August 30, episode of her “Straight Up With Stassi” podcast.

The Vanderpump Rules alum noted that it was “very confusing” for people who tried to guess her final choice.

“So many people are dangerously close [when they guess] because I [previously] said I was inspired by a street in New York and that street was actually my first choice of baby names. So the name that everyone is guessing was my first choice before I came up with this other one,” Schroeder added. “But this other one — which is similar to the street name — has an Italian tie to it. It makes it very special.”

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During an appearance that same day on former costar Lala Kent‘s podcast, Schroeder revealed which name almost made the cut.

“The main one that I was going to name this boy is Loring. I thought it was so fun,” she said on a “Give Them Lala” episode. “These [other ones] are so embarrassing. Beau said no to every single one of these so it wasn’t like we were going to name [our son] this. Loring was the only one we agreed on except for this current name. Because it is cool and you can call him Lore like our favorite podcast.”

Schroeder went on to list the ideas which Clark, 43, shut down, adding, “These are bad. Wolfrum, Fawkes, Credence, Crescent, Clement [and] Ossi because it rhymes with Stassi. They are so bad. There are so many popular names that I really love. I love all the popular names but I don’t want my kid to have the same name as everyone else. … If I know one person [with that name] then that name is off the list.”

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The final choice Schroeder and Clark made felt perfect. “The name that we chose, I love it and nothing can talk me out of it,” the former reality star concluded while discussing her pregnancy with Kent, 32.

Schroeder and Clark became parents when they welcomed Hartford in January 2021. The pair, who tied the knot in 2020 and 2022, are preparing to welcome their second child next month. After announcing her pregnancy, Schroeder said she wasn’t ruling out expanding her family again in the future.

“It is my fantasy to have a s—t ton of children, a lot of them,” she exclusively told Us Weekly in March. “But children are really expensive. I’m discovering as life goes on — they’re very expensive and I feel like they’re the most time-consuming thing in the entire world.”

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Schroeder went on to say that she wasn’t in a rush to make decisions about having more kids.

“When I think about what I want my children’s lives to be like, I want to be able to devote so much attention to each of them and give them as much as possible,” she explained. “I’m like, ‘If I had a third, how would I give that one as much attention as these other two?’ So at this point, I feel like two is a great number for me, but never say never because I might wake up one day and decide today’s the day. You never know.”

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