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Samantha Calling Herself Annabelle Bronstein in ‘And Just Like That’ Is Perfect Callback for OG Fans

Kim Cattrall And Just Like That Samantha Calling Herself Annabelle Bronstein
Kim Cattrall Courtesy of Max

This post contains spoilers for the season 2 finale of And Just Like That.

Samantha Jones has officially made her debut on And Just Like That — and her brief scene brought Us back to the glory days of Sex and The City.

“Thank you for everything you f—king fabulous, fabulous flat,” Samantha (Kim Cattrall) proclaims to Carrie Bradshaw’s beloved New York City brownstone in the season 2 finale, before Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) asks if her friend is speaking with a British accent. “Who’s Samantha? This is Annabelle Bronstein.”

Of course, SATC fans know Annabelle Bronstein is hardly a name that Samantha pulled out of thin air. Cattrall’s character first used that moniker as a way to gain entry into the exclusive Soho House in season 6 of the HBO series.

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In the 2003 episode, Samantha was struggling to cope with an unbearable heat wave plaguing Manhattan in the summer and hoped that a rooftop pool would be the solution to her problem. The publicist — ever on top of the latest trends — was disheartened after learning she was on the waitlist for the private club. So, when she found out that member Annabelle Bronstein left behind her pass, she jumped at the opportunity to go inside.

The rest of the “Boy, Interrupted” episode — which premiered exactly 20 years before the Thursday, August 24, AJLT finale — saw Samantha pretending to be Annabelle to cool off in the pool. Samantha was eventually kicked out when the real Annabelle returned to the club.

Cattrall, 67, was a mainstay on SATC but did not participate in season 1 of And Just Like That amid rumors of a feud with Parker, 58. Parker fervently denied the claims, and the two women eventually reunited via a phone call in Thursday’s episode.

Kim Cattrall And Just Like That Samantha Calling Herself Annabelle Bronstein 2
Kim Cattrall HBO MAX

“My flight’s three hours delayed, Carrie! I won’t be able to make it there in time,” Samantha said, revealing she planned to hitch a last-minute flight from London to NYC to surprise Carrie for her catered “Last Supper” in honor of her iconic residence. “Well, it is your apartment and I have to pay my respects. … Ta and cheerio! And have a great night.”

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Though she previously “fired” Carrie “as a friend” before jetting off to London, Samantha sealed their conversation with an air kiss before hanging up the phone.

Carrie, for her part, hugged her iPhone after ending the call. The sweet moment was short-lived as her new pet cat, Shoe, wandered through oher open apartment door. “Oh, no! No outside,” she quipped, chasing after the feline in her pumps. “No hallways [or] stairs. Oh, no, no, no.”

All episodes of And Just Like That season 2 are currently streaming on Max. A third season has already been greenlit.

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