Desiree Hartsock Blogs ‘The Bachelor’: Was Hannah Brown’s Return Selfish? Who’s There for the Right Seasons?

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It’s been quite some time — seven years to be exact — since I had the pleasure of competing for The Bachelor’s attention on season 17, and while much has changed since then, the drama certainly has not!

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From time stealing to irrational cattiness, this episode had quite the makings of a Mean Girls sequel. Yet I’m still not sure who the mean girl is. Hannah Ann? Kelsey? Someone else? Only time will tell. Until then, we might as well just nose dive into the champagne — I mean, the episode. Sorry Kelsey!

Let’s start with first impressions. I like this group of ladies and feel like it’s the most diverse crowd I’ve ever seen in one house, so it will be interesting to see where the claws come out and who surprises us the most.

Desiree Hartsock Blogs 'The Bachelor': Hannah 'Hijacked' Peter's Season
Desiree Hartsock, Hannah Brown and Peter Weber. Shutterstock (2); ABC/John Fleenor

We first need to address the lingering feelings Peter has for Hannah Brown and vice versa. It’s very normal to still have chemistry and comfort with someone you once dated and were intimate with — there’s no fault for reverting back to those “what ifs.” However, it’s another thing to still have the hope or desire for it to work out when it already ended not once, not twice, but three times — especially while being the Bachelor and having the opportunity to find a more secure and lasting love. When I first saw Hannah come out of the limo last week, I thought, “Oh girl, please don’t do this to him!” because I don’t think it’s fair for her to continue to remind him of the heartbreak he felt, especially now that he has the opportunity to meet someone new. I adore Hannah and feel bad for all that has happened because I do believe she means well and doesn’t mean to be that constant reminder of heartbreak while dealing with her own.

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That said, the decision (hers or the show) to hijack his mental state and heart before the group date before he even has the opportunity to get to know the other ladies more, was a bit selfish. Give the poor guy his time to move on — unless they’re meant to be and end up together at the end … then I’m all for it. Like I said, she probably didn’t mean for her feelings to stir up the way they did. I just never liked the idea of bringing back the ex to mess with the head of the lead, but what can I say, it’s good TV and there are no holds bar when it comes to making great television! Not only did her presence deter Peter’s focus, it completely hijacked the group date and will definitely blur his heart’s vision to see anyone else that may be “the one” for him — for at least a few episodes. (He says he is ready to move forward BUT Peter wears his heart on his sleeve and a part of him still loves Hannah B. That part is OBVIOUS).

Peter is a sweetheart, the kind of guy that you want to marry. He’s charming and adventurous but steady and thoughtful, which is what you want in a husband. He reminds me of my own Chris and why I’m truly hoping he does find the love he deserves. Let’s just pray he is able to discern his own feelings amongst the chaos that is bound to ensue throughout the season.

kelsey the bachelorette

The “Champagne crisis” that happened during the rose ceremony wasn’t just irrational, it was pretty hilarious too — especially when the tension bubbled up into Kelsey’s face! As viewers, it can seem “crazy” to get upset about a bottle of champagne but when you are isolated in a house with 20 other girls vying for the heart of the same guy with no other outlet to gauge your thought process, crazy is what comes out. I’m pretty sure Hannah Ann had no idea that the bottle of champagne was Kelsey’s and by the look of it, Kelsey may have already had a bottle of champagne to herself. So in the end, it’s a silly mix up that exploded. As irrational as it was for Kelsey to get so upset, the lack of emotion shown from Hannah Ann a few times keeps me curious and unsure of her role in the house.

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The Revolve fashion show group date was the epitome of putting one of the shy girls into a frenzy — insert Victoria. It happens every season and yet, the poor, shy girl is never ready for it. I’m just thinking, What did you think you signed up for? For being “shy,” she had quite the catwalk as she strutted that runway and stopped to make out with Peter. I thought for sure she would have won, but Hannah Ann took the crown — and made out like a bandit with an entirely new wardrobe!

Victoria’s efforts may not have won her a Revolve wardrobe but it did leave a lasting impression on Peter as he consoled her and said all the right things to make her feel validated for being there. I have my eye on you, Victoria. I have a feeling there’s more of her to come out and she may become somewhat of a front runner.

Victoria F The Bachelor

Now let’s rehash what happens every season. Hannah Ann takes it upon herself to tell Peter that Kelsey has been “bullying” her since the champagne fiasco. Confronting someone for an action they feel is hurtful and “bullying” are two different things. Who knows what went on in the house after their tiff that may have made Hannah Ann feel threatened but regardless of the tension, there is no reason to share that with the lead unless it directly affects him.

PSA: Whenever you get an opportunity to connect with the Bachelor — don’t talk about other people he’s dating! Duh! Hasn’t anyone ever learned from previous seasons? It NEVER goes well for anyone and quite honestly, I never trust someone willing to put someone else down for their own gain. It’s petty, not pretty.

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Again, not much emotion comes from Hannah Ann as she sits pretty and lets Kelsey fume with anger for what she told Peter. The whole scenario is too petty for me to get invested, but it’s bound to be the foundation for an epic rival in the house this season.

It was a somewhat interesting episode, I stayed invested for the majority of it but after the full preview for the season I’m gearing up for more of the juicy storylines to come. I have some pretty crazy ideas for how it ends since they’re leaving it so questionable but you’ll have to come back next week to hear some of those. 🙂 From last night, here are my top personal favorites and some ladies I feel are Peter’s favorites.

Here are my top 3: Madi, Victoria, Lexi
Peter’s top 3: Hannah Ann, Madi, McKenna

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