Spencer Pratt Grills Brody Jenner About the Legitimacy of His Marriage to Kaitlynn Carter on ‘The Hills’

Sensing the strife. Spencer Pratt took Brody Jenner to task about whether his marriage to Kaitlynn Carter was not only legal but also solid ahead of the couple’s split.

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In a sneak peek from the Hills: New Beginnings season finale, airing on Monday, September 9, Pratt, 36, mentions he is privy to rumors about Jenner’s romance. “Based off of what I have heard in the small little town we live in, I feel like Brody and Kaitlynn’s relationship is very rocky,” the Pratt Daddy Crystals founder tells the cameras.

When Pratt suggests there is “marriage drama” going on between the pair, Jenner, 36, shoots down the notion. “Absolutely not,” he retorts.

“I just feel like you’re living two different lives,” Pratt tells his costar. “When I got married out of the country, I had to do one in America. Had to be nice and legal.”

Spencer Pratt Grills Brody Jenner About the Legitimacy of His Marriage to Kaitlynn Carter on 'The Hills'
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Jenner attributes Pratt’s concerns to routine nosiness. “Spencer is constantly trying to dig and pry into my personal matters and I do not understand why, but I’ve learned to just kind of draw the line and just always play the high road and just let it go,” he says.

The DJ explains that he does not believe in the “signing” portion of getting married, but as far as “everything else, I’m with it.” Pratt then notes that Jenner could “walk away at any time,” which he points out must make Carter, 31, “feel some type of way.”

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Jenner insists that “would never happen” and the pair are “fine with the way our marriage is set up.” He adds: “Kaitlynn and I are extremely happy. We’re extremely in love, and that’s all that matters.”

Carter and Jenner announced their split in August. Us Weekly confirmed at the time that the two were never legally married, despite participating in a wedding ceremony in Indonesia in June 2018.

Jenner is now dating Josie Canseco, while Carter has moved on with Miley Cyrus.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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