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The 24-Karat Gold Skincare Tool Alicia Keys and Other Celebs Obsess Over

Alicia Keys
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Skincare plus technology equals everything our heart and complexion have ever desired. Any time a new, innovative device is released into the beauty world, we’re all over it. Our quest to find the best anti-aging tool is always on our mind, and celebrities are an endless inspiration!

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The product currently sitting way at the top of our wish list is the Gold Sculpting Bar by Hollywood makeup artist Jillian Dempsey. It’s a 24-karat gold, pretty-in-pink device that’s not only impressing us, but so many top stars like Alicia Keys, Reese Witherspoon, Kristen Stewart, Leslie Mann and even Dempsey’s husband, McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey!

Gold Sculpting Bar
Violet Grey

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Keys, who’s known for showing off her natural complexion, demonstrated how she uses this bar on her Instagram story, showing how its supersonic vibrations relax her facial muscles and revive her skin. She used it on her face and neck for all-over contour. Patrick Dempsey also posted on Instagram to show how he uses the Gold Sculpting Bar, noting that it’s a part of his daily routine. “What a scrumptious way to begin the day,” he said, thanking his wife for creating such a luxurious device!

Jillian Dempsey developed this vibrating bar in Japan, wanting to ensure its perfection before bringing it over to the US. It looks small and simple — and it is — but it can do so much. Just that small gold bar may tone, lift, sculpt and rejuvenate our skin, promoting lymphatic drainage and literally sweeping puffiness away. Tired skin may be immediately woken up, and brightened up, as the pulsing vibrations “mimic the effects of a massage.” The extra benefit, of course, is that this massage feels amazing and may help reduce tension in our jaw, between our brows and beyond!

This tool is made to be used on any skin type, regardless of gender. The only requirement is that we begin with a totally clean and moisturized face!


See it: Get the Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar for just $195 at Violet Grey!

For cheekbones, we should “scoop and sculpt,” as Dempsey says, pushing the bar upwards and outwards, towards the temples. Do this for five minutes on each side of the face. Time will go by quickly, maybe even too quickly, if we do this while watching TV or scrolling through social media!

For our jawline and chin, we should glide the bar in towards the neck and underneath the chin, slowly moving across the entire area for five minutes. We can then move down to our neck, where we’ll target our “Tech Lines,” which are two horizontal lines that form on the neck when we look down too often at our phone or tablet, hence the name!

To smooth out those Tech Lines, we can take our index finger and thumb, gently stretching the skin on either side of the lines, and glide the bar up and down in quick movements. This may help reduce any lines we already have, as well as prevent them from returning or forming in the future!

If there are any other small spots or pressure points we’d also like to hit, we can feel free, using as little or as much pressure as fits our skin, as Dempsey demonstrated in her video for Violet Grey. Never be too rough, though!

Ready to feel the power of 24-karat gold? We can order this futuristic, precious metal tool right now!

See it: Get the Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar for just $195 at Violet Grey!

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