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This Cami Comes in 3 Gorgeous Patterns and Is Perfect for Layering


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One of our favorite everyday essentials is the cami. It can be worn so many different ways not only in the summer, but throughout the entire year. Whether we’re wearing it on its own or layering it under a jacket or on top of a turtleneck, we’re making a fashion statement no matter what. With this cami, we’re making three, because it’s available in three gorgeous patterns!

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The Leith V-neck Cami swings and sways with every step we take, its flattering A-line fit flaring slightly away from our waists just enough to catch the wind. It has skinny straps, which one shopper noted actually stay up on their shoulders, which is “always an issue” with other camis. If we wanted an off-the-shoulder look, we’d wear something else, like this top!

Leith Cami Ivory

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Another shopper called this cami a “gem of a find.” Everyone is finding different ways to style the neckline, one shopper saying they like to wear it with a “bra with a pretty lace accent” sticking out slightly. Another commented that they prefer to pair it with a bandeau. Many agree on this cami being a flawless transition piece, one now-proud owner saying it’s “perfect with jean shorts” in the warmer weather but it will go “beautifully with a sweater and booties” in the cold.

So why else does this cami keep selling out over and over again? How about the fact that it’s lined? It flows, but it’s not flimsy and see-through as so many basic camis are. Sure, we love to layer it, but we want it to be the centerpiece of our outfit, not the under-layer that no one actually sees.

As we mentioned earlier, this cami comes in three patterns of different colors, so we’re sure that everyone will find one that best fits their taste, assuming all three don’t already!

Let’s start with Ivory Brushed Floral. This cami is an off-white color, more muted than bright and blinding. It’s covered in a floral pattern, which even makes its way onto the skinny straps! The pattern has bunches of flowers along with loose tiny ones that look like they’re blowing carelessly in the wind. The flowers are a mix of army green, coral and pastel purple. We wouldn’t mind a bouquet that looks like this pattern! We can use any of these colors as starting points for deciding the rest of our outfit, finding matches in green pants, purple sunglasses or orange-pink flats, for example.

Purple Frost Blooms is another floral pattern, but it’s way different than Ivory Brushed Floral. For this shade, the pastel purple takes its place as the base color of the cami. The flowers here are bigger and much more spread out, with green stems and petals that have a gradient effect, fading from yellow, to white, to a pinkish red. We’re definitely picturing this cami under a faux-leather jacket and some heeled ankle booties!

Leith Cami Stripe

Taking a massive leap away from florals is Purple Frost Multi Stripe. These colors look familiar? While these patterns all vary greatly, there’s a clear color scheme throughout that we want to point out. This thought is much appreciated from a brand, so thank you, Leith! This specific option has thick vertical stripes in a repeated color pattern. It goes from light purple, to burnt orange, to slate grey, back to light purple, to light brown, to light grey, to ivory, to army green. And repeat again and again until we’ve made our way around the entire cami.

One super cute detail is that while the pattern continues onto the straps like with the other two patterns, here, the stripes turn diagonal once they reach the straps! This cami is so great for every season. The greys complement wintry outfits, while the purple and ivory suit spring and summer, and the orange and green suit the fall.

Regardless of which pattern we’re getting, the versatility is endless with this cami. Tuck the front into jeans, throw on a pair of sneakers and go out for a walk or a picnic! If we’re going to something fancier, we can majorly dress up this cami by tucking it into a nice skirt and putting on a pair of heels.

We can keep giving suggestions, but we don’t think anyone’s going to have the slightest bit of trouble, so we’ll stop here and let everyone get to ordering before this cami sells out again!

See it: Get the Leith V-neck Cami for $39 from Nordstrom! Not your style? Check out more from Leith here and all other tank tops and camisoles available at Nordstrom here!

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