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Sofia Vergara Reveals This Is Her ‘Go-To’ Serum to Calm Her Sensitive Skin

Sofia Vergara
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Having sensitive skin is a never-ending battle. It’s enough of a struggle finding a product that our skin doesn’t immediately react to, but even when we succeed, unpredictability sets in. A product our skin was completely fine with one day suddenly sets off our redness, acne and dryness! We need something we can rely on for consistent relief and soothed skin, please!

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The Luzern Laboratories Serum Absolut Recovery is a dream for irritated skin. Just ask Sofia Vergara! That’s right, not even the ageless and unbelievably gorgeous Sofia Vergara wakes up to perfect skin every day. It takes work, but she’s clearly doing something right, because we would never have even known if she hadn’t spilled the details!

Luzern Serum

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Vergara recently revealed her favorite skincare products to Who What Wear, explaining how her routine changed once she developed rosacea. “I have to keep it simple,” she said, sticking with gentle cleanser, eye makeup remover and sunscreen as three of her current must-haves. This serum, however, is key!

“I also use a calming serum — that’s my go-to,” Vergara continued. “The serums from Luzern are really good. They don’t irritate me. I basically use anything calming.” The Absolut Recovery serum was an obvious choice for her, as it’s specifically formulated to care for “hypersensitive” skin and rosacea!

Reviewers are also talking about how this serum has saved their skin, calling their complexion “more resilient” now. “Goodbye, red cheeks,” one proclaimed, while another mentioned that it also “works wonders for acne-prone skin!” Many were also thrilled with its “immediately-cooling” effect. Even men are saying it’s great for calming irritation caused by shaving!

This serum is natural and fragrance-free, formulated with calming botanical extracts. Aloe vera works to reduce redness, while vitamin B12 targets our skin’s uneven or bumpy texture to smooth things out. Luzern claims that our skin will ultimately feel less sensitive when using this “shielding” product, as well as more protected, as it may strengthen our natural barrier!

Sofia Skin
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See it: Get the Luzern Laboratories Serum Absolut Recovery starting at just $85 at Dermstore!

To use this serum, we should always start by cleansing our skin and patting it dry. We always recommend following up with a pH-balancing toner, as well! When we’re all set, we can squeeze three to five drops out of the sleek silver bottle to our hand, massaging it into our face and neck in gentle, outward circular motions. We can do this both in the morning and at night for all-day relief!

Luzern focuses on creating “clean luxury skincare” that measures up to its high standards of purity. The brand’s products are formulated with organic actives cultivated in the Swiss Alps, and are all free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils, added fragrances and other dangerous or irritating toxic additives.

Each and every product is also produced and mixed in small batches at cold temperatures to keep everything as fresh and pure as possible for potentially enhanced results. The packaging is all eco-friendly, too, made with glass or aluminum bottles!

Knowing all about Luzern’s processes, as well as Vergara’s current skincare preferences, we feel confident that this Absolut Recovery serum could be all our red, irritated skin has ever wanted.

See it: Get the Luzern Laboratories Serum Absolut Recovery starting at just $85 at Dermstore!

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