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The Toothpaste Brand That’s Paving the Way to Oral Wellness


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Brushing our teeth is an act that is so ingrained in the routine of everyday life that we sometimes forget its significance. Sure, most of us rarely forget to actually brush our teeth — it’s absolutely necessary to prevent bad breath, refresh the mouth and prepare us for a day of work or a night of sleep.

What we do seem to forget, however, is the myriad of other ways that oral care impacts our health and wellness as a whole.

The function of toothpaste should go far beyond cleaning our teeth every day: It should also help to prevent cavities, lessen sensitivity, whiten the smile, maintain the ecosystem of the mouth and so much more. The catch, however, is that most generic toothpastes fail in one or many of these categories.

How often do you think about the toothpaste you use every day? When you go to the drugstore, do you pick out the first toothpaste that catches your attention? Or, do you grab the brand you’ve been using all your life?

If so, perhaps it is time to reconsider. We know that oral health is the key to wellness, and finding the right toothpaste is the first step to optimizing the health of your mouth. Why waste your time with a toothpaste that just isn’t achieving everything it should?

There is no denying the importance of oral health, but choosing the right care products can be difficult. At the end of the day, we all want to be in the best possible health, but the tricky part is figuring out where to even begin.

Fortunately, there is one brand of toothpaste that makes oral health easy. We have discovered the ideal all-in-one toothpaste: Twice. This brand combines all the best parts of the most popular toothpastes in one convenient tube, making oral care easy, fun and effective.

As a company, Twice is about so much more than toothpaste. The core of their philosophy is the idea that wellness begins with the mouth. They know and value the idea that quality oral care makes a huge difference in overall wellness, and their products reflect this notion.

If you are ready to revolutionize your oral care routine, Twice is the toothpaste for you.


Twice: A Company That Truly Cares

Twice is not like other toothpaste brands. It is rooted in the idea that oral health is vital to overall wellness. Since its inception, the company’s founders have worked tirelessly to create a toothpaste that amplifies this idea. As such, Twice has paved a new and exciting path to oral wellness.

Inspiration often arises in the most unexpected of places. For the founders of Twice, it struck in Eleuthera, Bahamas, the hometown of co-founder Lenny Kravitz, during a volunteer mission. During this mission, a team of dental and medical professionals provided care to the residents of Eleuthera. After receiving a range of dental treatments, the patients developed a renewed sense of joy, confidence and zest for life.

Witnessing the transformative power of dentistry inspired Kravitz and co-founders Julian and Cody Levine, two brothers who come from a family of dentists. They saw that the health of a person’s smile directly impacts the rest of his or her life. Improving someone’s oral health could lead to a boost in general wellness.

And so, Twice was born out of goodwill and the desire to help others.

With their sights set on revolutionizing oral wellness, the founders began working with dental experts who really know their stuff. Years of research and development went into determining the very best formula for Twice toothpaste.

To this day, Twice continues to provide dental care for the people of Eleuthera and beyond, working in partnership with the Glo Good Foundation.

Twice has determined an effective all-in-one toothpaste that allows its users to prioritize their oral health. In doing so, they have also provided dental care to thousands of people in need, showcasing the transformative power of oral care.

By switching to Twice, you can finally trust that your toothpaste will be both effective and ethical.


The Perfect Balance of Science and Nature

We’ve been talking a lot about the power of Twice, but what exactly makes this product so special? Isn’t toothpaste just… toothpaste?

It‘s completely understandable to be skeptical about a product like this. In this era of Instagram influencers, sponsored social media content and targeted Facebook ads, it seems like there’s a shiny, life-changing product hitting the shelves every week. Too often, brands make empty promises of drastic results, only to disappoint time and time again.

What makes Twice any different? The answer is simple: It works.

As we already mentioned, Twice was formulated over many years, with the help of several dental experts. One of those experts is the company’s Chief Dental Advisor, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine DMD, a well-known and innovative professional who has been pushing the boundaries in dentistry for decades.

What makes the formula for Twice unique is its perfect balance between science and nature. In other words, it uses both natural ingredients and scientifically-approved chemicals. In this way, Twice has created a toothpaste that encapsulates the best of both worlds.

Many people prefer all-natural toothpastes for totally understandable reasons: They fear the harmful effects of certain chemicals found in generic toothpastes. As a result, they opt for natural oral-care products like charcoal toothpaste, perhaps. And yet, many users find that these toothpastes just aren’t as effective as they would like.

If you fall into this category, Twice has got you covered.

When it comes to chemicals, Twice always avoids the harsh ingredients that many traditional toothpastes contain, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). In fact, they exclude sulfates altogether.

In many toothpastes, sulfates like SLS are the ingredient that causes foam to form. However, they also cause a lot of problems: dry mouth, irritation, canker sores, infection and more. Of course, infections can eventually develop into more serious diseases.

Because Twice prioritizes oral health over all else, they use plant-based ingredients instead of sulfates to create foam in their toothpaste.

What differentiates Twice from products like charcoal toothpaste is the other key ingredients it contains. Unlike charcoal toothpaste, Twice also relieves sensitivity and prevents cavities. It contains potassium nitrate, a completely safe ingredient found in most sensitivity toothpastes. For cavity prevention, it utilizes a moderate and healthy amount of fluoride.

Another unique element of Twice is its whitening power. Toothpastes specified for fluoride boosting or sensitivity reduction tend to lack any whitening ingredients. Twice, however, is formulated to do it all.

For whitening, Twice contains two special ingredients — silicates and pentasodium triphosphate. These ingredients are clean, gentle and completely safe. Users should begin to see the whitening effects of Twice after 2-4 weeks.

Every additive that goes into Twice toothpaste has been carefully researched, tested and approved. The company’s team has taken the best of each kind of toothpaste to create the ideal all-in-one formula. Unlike so many other fads in the world of care products, Twice really does achieve results.

If you’re looking to improve your oral health, Twice is the only product you need.

Twice is Making Oral Care Cool

When buying a tube of toothpaste, the actual ingredients are probably the most important thing to consider. However, they are not the only consideration. To many, the aesthetic and user experience of the product matters almost as much. Unsurprisingly, Twice nailed those too.

First of all, Twice comes in sleek, modern packaging that seems to invite you to brush your teeth. The overall design of the tube will fit right in with the rest of the luxurious self-care products on your bathroom shelf.

Secondly, Twice offers three unique flavors that match any taste palette. Invigorating Wintergreen & Peppermint is ideal for your morning routine — it leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. By contrast, Calming Vanilla Lavender Mint is perfect for bedtime. It’s relaxing, gentle flavors will help you ease into your bedtime routine. Finally, Cooling Eucalyptus Spearmint, the brand’s newest offering, is great for any time of day.

We love that Twice offers the chance to add some variety to our daily self-care routines. Having a few different options to choose from makes brushing your teeth an act to look forward to.

In addition to its elegant packaging and distinctive flavors, Twice is also eco-friendly. Their products are 100% recyclable, cruelty-free and vegan. Environmentalism is more urgent than ever these days, and switching to Twice is just one more way to help care for the planet.

With Twice, You’ll Never Go Back to Your Old Toothpaste

In case you couldn’t tell, we absolutely love Twice toothpaste. This company is changing the oral wellness game. They have created a sustainable, effective, all-in-one toothpaste that really works.

We would all love to be the healthiest, happiest versions of ourselves, but sometimes making the right decisions can be difficult. However, with Twice, you can be certain that your smile is receiving the best possible care.

Shop Twice toothpastes online or in stores today!

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