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Billie Eilish Just Announced Her 3rd Fragrance — and She Says It Smells Like Metal

Billie Eilish Just Announced Her 3rd Fragrance She Says It Smells Like Metal
Billie Eilish. Cindy Ord/MG23/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

A new fragrance from Billie Eilish is coming — and the scent is nothing short of unusual.

The singer-songwriter, 21, announced via Instagram on Thursday, September 28, that her third perfume, Eilish No. 3, is launching this November.

“Introducing Eilish No. 3! My first limited edition fragrance & the last in this collection,” she wrote alongside a photo of the perfume bottle, a red chrome bust of herself that follows the same design as her first two launches.

The reveal caused fans on social media to speculate about the future of the Eilish perfumes. While some wondered whether this could be her final fragrance product, others guessed that it might be the last in this particular collection, with more collections to come.

Eilish No. 1 was released in 2021 and features notes of sugared petals, creamy vanilla and musk. Eilish No. 2, which dropped in 2022, has notes of apple blossom, wild poppy flowers and palo santo. Eilish’s latest fragrance, however, seems to have the most interesting scent profile yet.

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In an interview with Allure magazine published on Thursday, Eilish commented on the unique metallic scent.

“I love that it reminds me of metal,” she told the publication. “If you combined Eilish No. 1 and No. 2, you’d have this sweeter, more romantic version.”

While the official scent notes have yet to be shared, Eilish’s emojis in her Instagram post — as well as the deep red packaging — suggest that Eilish No. 3 will also have a cherry scent.

Billie Eilish Just Announced Her 3rd Fragrance She Says It Smells Like Metal
Billie Eilish. Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Along with her third perfume, fans are eagerly awaiting a third album. Eilish temporarily satisfied fans with the viral ballad she wrote along with her brother, Finneas, for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, “What Was I Made For?”

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In her interview with Allure, Eilish opened up about the process of writing the heartfelt song. “It was as if this song was a tiny creature inside of me for years, scratching the inside of me,” she said.

Reflecting on the song’s inception, Eilish confessed that she and Finneas “couldn’t have been less inspired and less creative” when they started writing. “That day we were making stuff, and were like, ‘We’ve lost it. Why are we even doing this?’” she said. “And then those first chords happened, and ‘I used to float / now I just fall down’ came out and the song wrote itself. I have the whole video of us writing the song, and the first thing we wrote were those lines in the first 10 minutes.”

Eilish continued, “We wrote most of the song without thinking about ourselves and our own lives, but thinking about this character we were inspired by. A couple of days went by, and I realized it was about me. It’s everything I feel. And it’s not just me — everyone feels like that, eventually.”

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