Casey Anthony's Mom Cindy Won't Be Tried for Perjury

Credit: Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images

No new trial for Cindy Anthony.

"We are not going to pursue perjury charges against Cindy Anthony," Florida State Attorney's Office Spokesperson Danielle Tavernier said late Tuesday. Many wondered whether Anthony would be called to task for testimony she gave during the murder trial of her daughter Casey Anthony.

In the high-profile case, Cindy said on the stand that she had performed Google searches about chloroform on the family's home computer; later evidence revealed that she was at work at the time.

Prosecutors argued that Casey had performed the chloroform searches in summer 2008. They argued that Casey, now 25, used the substance to knock her daughter Caylee, 2, unconscious, and then duct-taped her mouth to suffocate her, finally stuffing her child's body in the trunk of her car before disposing of it days later.

Acquitted of Caylee's murder, Casey is set to be released from prison this Sunday. (She has received credit for time-served on a four-year sentence after being convicting of lying to police after Caylee's disappearance.)