Foxy Brown Kicked Off Cruise After Manicure Tantrum

Credit: Scott Gries/Getty Images

Crazy like a fox!

Foxy Brown had her vacation cut short after going berserk aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

The rapper, 31, (whose real name is Inga Marchand) was three hours late to a nail appointment at the ships spa and when they refused to see her, she went ballistic on the staff, reports TMZ.

After being removed from the salon, Brown, who performed onboard the day before the dust-up, was forced to remain in her room under supervision. After the boat docked in the Cayman Islands, security kicked her off.

This isn't her first attack on a manicurist. In 2004, she was charged with assault for hitting two nail salon workers and in 2007, she allegedly beat up a beauty store clerk. Even as recently as February, Brown was escorted out of a fashion party in NYC where she was to perform after allegedly showing up intoxicated and 10 minutes before the event was supposed to end.