Josh Duhamel on Plane Fiasco: "I Feel Like an Idiot"

Credit: George Napolitano/FilmMagic

Josh Duhamel has definitely learned his lesson.

The actor opened up about last week's incident where he was escorted off of a flight for refusing to turn off his BlackBerry. "I messed up. I feel like an idiot because of it," Duhamel, 38, told Entertainment Tonight.

TMZ first reported that Duhamel was "very rude" and "taunting" a male flight attendant's repeated requests to stop texting. The Kentucky-bound plane then had to leave the NYC runway, which reportedly angered fellow passengers.

"I meant no disrespect to the crew or the flight attendant or any of the people that were on the plane," the Transformers star lamented. "That's just not the person I try to be, and I just wanted a chance to apologize to the people that were affected by it."

Duhamel then joked: "I probably need to check myself into 'BlackBerries Anonymous.'"

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