Rielle Hunter Finds Her GQ Spread "Repulsive"

Credit: Mark Seliger/GQ

Rielle Hunter isn't pleased with her GQ spread.

On The View Monday, Barbara Walters said that she spoke to Hunter, 45, who "was in tears" over the shots.

After seeing the pictures, she "screamed for two hours," Walters said, according to USA Today. "She said she found the photographs repulsive."

In one photo, Hunter has her tummy exposed as she lays with Frances Quinn, her 2-year-old daughter with former Democratic presidential candidate. John Edwards.

When Walters asked Hunter why she posed for the shots in the first place, "she said she trusted Mark Seliger, whom she said is a brilliant photographer and quote, 'I went with the flow.'"

Walters said Hunter "thought that having one of those photos was okay and would be sexy and that there were others that were just beautiful headshots, but that GQ picked photos to hit one note."