The claws are coming out on the March 16 premiere of Oxygen's Love Games.

On the series premiere of the dating show, former Bad Girls Club cast members Sarah (season 3), Amber (season 3) and Kendra (season 4) fight for the affections of 13 potential suitors.

The hitch? The eligible bachelors aren't quite what the women expected.

In an exclusive clip from the premiere (watch above), Amber's into small-town Christian Kyle, but her pals try to steer her clear.

"Kyle's cute, but if I saw him on the street, I'd be like 'eh,'" Sarah reasons.

Agrees Kendra: "He has to be able to handle a Bad Girl. We're not just regular girls! If we got into a fight, I think Kyle would run with us!"

Wannabe Dan meets with a similar fate when Sarah asks smitten Amber: "Do you want a doormat or a boyfriend?!"

Find out if Kyle and Dan make the cut when Love Games premieres March 16 at 11 p.m./ET.