Beyonce Channels a Desperate Housewife in New Retro-Inspired Video

Yo, B: What about that career break you were supposed to take this year? I knew Beyonce wouldn't stick to her self-imposed hiatus completely and I'm sure thrilled the R&B superstar is again doing what she does better than "any artist of all time" (to paraphrase Mr. Kanye West): stretching the boundaries and proving, once again, that you can't keep this woman down -- even for just a few minutes!

The latest case in point is the retro-inspired clip for the bonus track "Why Don't You Love Me" (co-penned by her sister Solange), where she keeps the oomph from the collaborative "Telephone" video with Lady Gaga way up and mixes it with the naughty, camp appeal of a desperate housewife with a bit too much time on her hands. It's OK: let me hold that drink for you while you fix the car, take a bath, fix the car, cook and clean. And that's what you did with all them Grammy's!

Wanna see what I mean? Allow Mrs. Jay-Z to show us how it's done once again in this killer clip above.

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