Bobble Head's New Jersey Shore Song

It's been a minute since I've had one of those undeniable dancefloor anthems taking over my brain. But, as usual, just when I think I'm safe that perfect beat comes along and doesn't leave my head once again.

Enter Bobble Head (real name Hunter Brown), with his current chartclimbing dance hit, "Robodic." Of course, since his discovery by actor Eric West on Myspace ('member that?) five years ago, he's already been churning out fist-pumping anthems like "Lock and Load" and "Like Nobody’s Watching." And to top it off, it will be featured in an upcoming Jersey Shore.

Bobble, I'm scared of you!

And to make things even scarier, he says, "It took me about five hours to produce, mix and write the entire song. If you like to dance this is for you."

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