Candy Spelling: Tori and I Have a "Terrific" Relationship Now

Entertainment Jan. 19, 2010 AT 10:17AM
Candy Spelling: Tori and I Have a "Terrific" Relationship Now Credit: (2)

Paging Nurse Tori!

Tori Spelling played Florence Nightingale recently -- to husband Dean McDermott and mom Candy Spelling.

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"I recently had surgery on my neck," Candy, 64, told at the GBK Gift Lounge at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood Saturday. "[McDermott] got in an accident when he was doing the motorcycles last week at the races...he smashed his left shoulder."

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Tori, 36, helped nurse her mom and husband back to health, Candy explained.

It's the latest milestone for the reunited mother and daughter, who buried the hatchet in December after years of a nasty feud. Candy says their relationship now is "absolutely great. We are terrific!"

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Candy's finally enjoying getting to know her grandchildren: Stella and Liam. "They are great," Candy gushed. "Right now I am not picking them up because of my surgery, but I'm going to see them next week actually."

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