Channing Tatum: I Don't Regret My Stripper Past

Channing Tatum has no regrets -- especially about his stripper past.

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The G.I. Joe star says he's not embarrassed at all about the time he spent working as a part of an all-male revue while living in Tampa, Florida. In fact, Tatum had dropped out of college and was looking for something to spice things up.

In an interview with the March issue of GQ, Tatum admits that he and a fellow dancer made a pact when they started at the club. "Okay, we're go ing to do this for a little while just to be crazy and insane; then we're getting out." Tatum made good on his word, later pursuing a career in modeling and acting. (He starred in a Pepsi commercial which lead to a lead role in Step Up.)

And while his public relations team wanted to keep his stripper past under wraps, Tatum asserts that "I had wanted to tell people. I'm not ashamed of it. I don't regret one thing. I'm not a person who hides s--t."