Find Out What Lady Gaga Likes to Be Called in Bed

Credit: Steve Granitz/


The world knows her as Lady Gaga, but to her lovers she's simply Stefani.

In an in-depth 60 Minutes profile airing before the Grammy Awards this Sunday, Lady Gaga, 24, tells Anderson Cooper that certain people do use her given name, Stefani Germanotta. 

"Especially in bed," she said. 

"You don't want somebody yelling out 'Lady Gaga' in the throes of passion," joked Cooper. 

"No, that would freak me out," the "Bad Romance" singer agreed.

The interview also includes a stop at the Lower East Side apartment building where Gaga lived for three years before her big break in the music business. But the unit's current resident, Emily Ting, refused to let Cooper and crew inside. 

"I had the flu," Ting explained to The Daily News. "I love Anderson Cooper and she's great."