Kid Costar: Jen Aniston Is "Really Good at Parenting"

Credit: Columbia Pictures

No potty mouth here!

Unlike Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, 41, managed to keep her language clean around the underage actors while filming Just Go With It.

Griffin Gluck, 10, who plays Aniston's son in the flick, told that he and costar Bailee Madison, 11, created a "cuss bucket" with the help of a prop man while on location in Hawaii.

"We made about $1,200 from it!" he said. "Adam paid about $300 of it and we didn't get a cent out of Jennifer -- she didn't swear once!"

The young actor continued to sing the Friends star's praises, adding: "Jennifer was really funny on set. She's really good with kids -- she would always help us through the scenes if we got stuck. She's really good at parenting."

Sadly, the money from the bucket went missing one morning, but while Gluck suspects it was stolen, he was quick to note, "It definitely wasn’t Jennifer Aniston."